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Kamala Harris headlines Miami drive-in party with Chef Jose Andres and rapper Fat Joe


Sen. Kamala Harris was the main attraction at a Miami drive-in party that featured hours of music and special appearances by Chef Jose Andres and rapper Fat Joe. 

The Democratic vice presidential nominee hit President Donald Trump on his record on race, immigration and climate change, as she bounced around the stage wearing high-top Chuck Taylors, with ‘2020’ written on the side of them.   

 ‘We deserve better,’ she said. ‘You measure a person’s strength not by who they beat down, but who they lift up.’  

At one point near the end of her remarks, a man wearing his mask wrong revealed himself to be a Trump supporters and started yelling, ‘Where’s Hunter?’ at the vice presidential nominee, a reference to Joe Biden‘s son and his controversial business dealings. 

He held up a ‘Rioters & Looters for Biden’ sign.  

Sen. Kamala Harris was the main attraction Saturday at a drive-in rally that had a party vibe, with hours of music and special guests Fat Joe and Jose Andres preceding her arrival 

Sen. Kamala Harris, wearing Chuck Taylors with ‘2020’ written on the side, spoke to supporters Saturday in Miami, Florida 

A close-up photo of the Converse high-top sneakers Harris wore to her Miami, Florida drive-in rally 

Rapper Fat Joe spoke to Harris’ Miami crowd on Saturday, telling them not to believe the polls – which show the Biden-Harris ticket ahead – and to go vote 

Chef Jose Andres was also a special guest at Sen. Kamala Harris’ rally Saturday in Miami, Florida 

Harris is in Florida Saturday to encourage early voting, which concludes in the Sunshine State Sunday at 7 p.m. 

CRASHER: A supporter of President Donald Trump crashed Harris’ Miami event and held up a ‘Rioters & Lotters for Biden’ sign and yelled ‘Where’s Hunter?’ and ‘Trump 2020’  

The man yelled ‘Trump 2020’ and ‘Where’s Hunter’ in the direction of Harris, but his voice was drowned out by car horns 

He was escorted out by campaign aides – as the crowd honked over his yells. 

Harris was spending all of Saturday in the Sunshine State as Floridians can still early vote until Sunday at 7 p.m. 

Polls show the presidential race in Florida extremely close.  

Harris used the unique set-up that the Democrats have been using to prevent the spread of COVID-19, taking a page from old school drive-in movie theaters,to her advantage – using the car horns for call-and-response. 

‘Honk if you know somebody with diabetes,’ she said, as she made the argument that she and Democratic nominee Joe Biden would protect Americans with pre-existing conditions.  

When supporters started honking at her reference of the late Rep. John Lewis, she chimed in, ‘I know he hears you. I know he hears you.’ 

The honks grew the loudest when she talked about ‘Black Lives Matter’ and reuniting the migrant kids, who were separated from their parents due to a Trump administration policy, with their families.   

Prior to the California senator’s arrival, the rally site had turned into a Halloween morning dance party.   

Sergeant First Class Paul Cruz, who introduced Harris, spelled it out, ‘It’s not just a city, it’s a vibe.’ 

‘And that’s why Sen. Harris is back here in the 305,’ he said, name-dropping the area’s famous area code. 

Fat Joe, the politically active rapper, was a surprise guest.      

‘Everybody needs to get out there and vote,’ he told the crowd. 

‘Let me tell you what happened four years ago, the media was saying that Hillary Clinton was winning by a landslide. And so people who would’ve voted said, “Why should I go vote, Donald Trump’s not going to win,”‘ the rapper said. ‘Don’t believe the polls, don’t believe nothing nobody says.

‘You’ve got to go out there and vote,’ he repeated. 

Some of Harris’ Alpha Kappa Alpha sisters showed up to the Miami rally, with one holding up a large cardboard cut-out of the California senator’s head 

Alpha Kappa Alpha sisters cheer on Sen. Kamala Harris at a Miami, Florida drive-in rally Saturday 

One supporter brought ’46’ balloons as Democratic nominee Joe Biden would be the 46th president of the United States 

A supporter stands outside her car waiting for Sen. Kamala Harris’ Saturday appearance in Miami, Florida

Supporters await Sen. Kamala Harris’ appearance Saturday morning in Miami and were entertained by musical performances and speeches 

A little boy stands outside a festive truck at Sen. Kamala Harris’ Miami, Florida drive-in rally Saturday

A group of Alpha Kappa Alpha sisters showed up Saturday in Miami to support their sorority sister, Sen. Kamala Harris, who attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. 

Chef Jose Andres, who’s been in legal battles against Trump and has hammered him for his rhetoric on immigration, was the second special guest. 

‘It is time to break down the walls and build longer tables,’ Andres said. 

While many of the restaurants in his empire are in Washington, D.C., he also owns The Bazaar on Miami’s South Beach.   

Earlier in the morning, a musician was playing Afro-Caribbean versions of famous songs, including Katy Perry’s ‘Roar,’ a top song on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 playlist.  

One supporter danced around with gold ’46’ balloons, another held up a giant cut-out of Harris’ head. 

A group of Alpha Kappa Alpha sisters showed up in their trademark pink and green garb. 

There was a dance performance. 

A Mariachi band tried winding through the cars, but campaign aides asked them to remain in one section of the parking lot.  

Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell gave a quick speech. 

A couple people were in partial Halloween costumes. 

Campaign workers had to shoo people away from the stage, instructing them to stick close to their cars and wear their masks.    

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