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Knocks for Buhari over comment on price of petrol in Saudi Arabia


Nigerians have condemned President Muhammad Buhari’s defence on the recent hike in the prices of petrol in the country.

Buhari on Thursday defended the recent hike in the prices of petrol in the country, hinging the increment on the need to shore up the “drastically reduced resources”.

“In this regard, sustaining the level of petroleum prices is no longer possible. The government, since coming into office has recognized the economic argument for adjusting the price of petroleum,” Buhari said in a national broadcast to mark the 60th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence.

Petrol currently sells for between N157 and N161 in Nigeria. Buhari said these prices are still cheaper compared to the prices of the same product in other oil-producing countries such as Saudi Arabia.

“It makes no sense for oil to be cheaper in Nigeria than in Saudi Arabia,” Buhari said, further justifying

The president gave current oil price in Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest oil producers in the world, as N168 per litre.

Buhari also said a comparison of the fuel prices in Nigeria with other African countries will further justify the increment.

Nigerians on Twitter have however condemned the Presidents comments. Many opined that the President’s comparison lacks logic as the minimum wage in Nigeria is N30,000 compared to Saudi Arabia.

Today, Buhari justified his oil price surge by citing Saudi which charges N168 and said “It makes no sense for oil to be cheaper in Nigeria than in Saudi Arabia.”

But he forgot to mention that the minimum wage in Saudi is R3,000 which is N305,126.

Pay N305,126. We’ll pay N168.

— Bulama Bukarti (@bulamabukarti) October 1, 2020

Minimum Wage in Saudi Arabia: 3000 Riyal = 305,805 Naira

Minimum Wage in Nigeria = 30,000

And your “president” says “alaye double your hustle, no be your mates dey pay?”

Omo the angel that directed me to be born in Nigeria, when i die, just run cause… #Nigeria60AndUseless https://t.co/5qzIevOZHx

— 9jaSavage ✞ ✞ (@iam__remy) October 1, 2020

Minimum wage is Saudi Arabia is N305,000. Minimum wages in Nigeria is N30,000, Minimum wage in Egypt is over N60,000 yet you want to compare the fuel price in Nigeria to Saudi Arabia & Egypt

We are not stupid people, enough is enough#NotYetIndependent #Nigeria60AndUseless pic.twitter.com/mPCCnvUCWr

— Emma ik Umeh (Tcee )🇳🇬 (@emmaikumeh) October 1, 2020

With the Kind of Social safety nets in Saudi Arabia and other gulf states, who’s the idiot that wrote this speech?. Anyway… Congratulations to everyone involved. https://t.co/XNBGWc3rRG

— Ayobami Ayobami (@dondekojo) October 1, 2020

President Buhari forgot to mention that the minimum wage in Egypt is higher than Nigeria’s. He also forgot to mention that minimum wage in Saudi Arabia is 10x Nigeria’s.

I don’t know why a president would be saying those things on Independence Day.

What affliction is this?

— Yung Ògògó🇳🇬 (@akintonmide) October 1, 2020

Dear Mr President @MBuhari ,

Please it does not make sense for Saudi Arabia to be paying ₦460,000 as minimum wage while you pay ₦30,000! Kindly pay Nigerians same minimum wage as Saudi Arabia and make fuel ₦500 they will pay

— Olushola Olufolabi (@olushola_shola) October 1, 2020

You are absolutely right sir, it makes no sense for Nigeria to charge less than Saudi Arabia for petrol.

However, minimum wage for the public sector in Saudi, as suggested by available information online is $800 dollars.

It won’t be a bad idea if we adjusted accordingly as well. https://t.co/nzeuBRwjPC

— Daddy Freeze (@DaddyFRZ) October 1, 2020

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