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Moment a bald eagle swoops down and plucks duck out of a lake after stalking the flock for an hour


Moment a bald eagle swoops down and plucks duck out of a lake after stalking the flock for an hour

  • A bald eagle was filmed stalking a flock of ducks on a lake in Tennessee 
  • Witnesses said the eagle circled the ducks for an hour before swooping down 
  • The eagle grabbed the duck in his talons and flew low over the lake’s surface 

By Darren Boyle for MailOnline

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This is the amazing moment a determined bald eagle manages to pluck a duck from the surface of a lake. 

A man standing on the shoreline filmed the eagle flying about 30 feet above the water as a flock of ducks paddled together in Dale Hollow Reservoir, Tennessee. 

A witness said: ‘I was on a fishing trip with some buddies at Dale Hollow. 

‘We watched the eagle stalk the duck for about an hour with a few failed attempts and then he finally got one and flew off.’ 

The bald eagle was stalking a flock of ducks who were swimming on an unidentified US lake. It swooped down and scooped up the duck, right

According to experts, ducks can evade raptors such as eagles by remaining within a tight flock. 

If they take off into the air, the ducks try to remain close together, making tight turns, before returning to the water in an effort to confuse the bird of prey. 

In this case, one of the ducks became separated from the rest of the flock and was quickly tracked down by the eagle who pounced at high speed. 

After a few seconds, the powerful eagle flapped its wings and flew off with the doomed duck held in its talons. 

The eagle flew low over the water towards the edge of the lake before the footage ended.

The eagle spent an hour circling the flock of ducks waiting for a straggler to be left behind 


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