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People reveal why some of the most commonly avoided activities aren’t as bad as you might believe


Have you ever been faced with the decision about whether or not to do an everyday task because you’re scared about how difficult or embarrassing it might be? You’re not alone.

This week a Reddit user started a discussion about the most ominous-sounding jobs that people tend to avoid in an attempt to break down the myths surrounding them and offer encouragement to others.

Issues such as going travelling by yourself, sitting down to write your will and even booking an appointment for a prostate examination were all thrown into the mix. 

The sub-Reddit, entitled ‘What is not nearly as bad as people make it out to be?’, has already seen almost 16,000 people from around the world interact with it.

Having a prostate exam is one task that many men struggle to build the courage to do. However, one person described how simple the procedure is and how it doesn’t hurt in the slightest (stock image)

People of Reddit were asked what everyday activities and issues aren’t as bad as some people would have you believe

One of the first topics someone raised, which they argued isn’t as bad as people make out, is owning up to mistakes.

u/sunshinegunpowdersaid: ‘Owning your mistakes. Not even the big ones, the smaller ones.’

The user said the best thing to do when you make a mistake is just to apologise and move on from it.

Other people agreed, with one person replying: ‘God, doesn’t this just make everything easier? Like, it eliminates the need for people to stop and correct you, then the bickering and blaming starts, then the defensiveness. It just nips it all in the bud so that everyone can just move past it.’

Another issue that Reddit users claim people blow out of proportion is going travelling by yourself.

One person said: ‘Solo traveling – *do so with proper prior planning and understand the risks.’ People who had experience with travelling solo agreed, with one commenting: ‘When I was single I loved solo traveling. You get to meet new people and how you spend your day is 100 per cent up to you.’

Another pointed out that when you travel by yourself, your day is entirely your own and you don’t end up worrying if anybody else is enjoying themselves. 

People took to Reddit to share the activities they think a lot of people dread or avoid that aren’t actually that bad

A more sobering issue brought up by one person was the task of sitting down and writing your own will.

u/dreamingrain said: ‘People are weird about thinking about their death or having conversations about what they should do. Have the conversation. I assure you, we all die, and dying intestate or without a personal directive makes it way more difficult for your family.’

One person responded and said that their father died two years ago and they were left dealing with his affairs and making decisions on his behalf because he had not left a will. They explained that having a will written not only gives your loved ones security but also makes your passing a smoother experience for those you leave behind. 

Another person from the US said: ‘My step mom’s sister passed away from cancer young. She wrote her own obituary, made all her own funeral arrangements, and wrote directions she wanted the funeral procession to drive.’ 

Other people went further with their advice and suggested that you inform your trusted family members where all your legal or important documents are kept so that when the time comes, your will is easily retrievable. 

Health was another topic that was suggested in the sub-Reddit, with one person suggesting that having a prostate exam wasn’t as bad as most people feared.

Writing a will was another problem that people said isn’t as difficult as people think. Approaching our own mortality is difficult but some users on Reddit said it helps make life easier for those loved ones you leave behind (stock image)

u/Count2Zero said: ‘A prostate test. Yes, the doctor will stick a finger up your butt to check your prostate. The whole “I’m never letting a doctor touch me there!” attitude is mind-blowing. People make it sound like it is the most degrading and painful experience they’ve ever had. It’s NOTHING. Seriously, chill out, people!’ 

Meanwhile, having an injection was also pointed out as a major issue for some people, with one even saying: ‘People overthink/overreact the needle pain which is never as bad as the sting.’

One person countered by suggesting that the pain wasn’t the issue and that it was more a case of being afraid of the needle, while another even admitted that the pain is never as bad they were expecting but the build up made it worse for them. 

Another suggestion made on the page tackled the historically challenging issue of being single.

u/SpinachWithFlowers raised the issue and others quickly agreed, with one person saying: ‘I wish more people would get used to being single. I’ve seen so many friends just run from horrible person to horrible person because they’re afraid to be alone.’

Another said they have been single for 19 years now and enjoy the freedom to do whatever they want. They revealed they will only enter into a relationship if the right person comes along but they are in no hurry to find them. 

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