Rampaging Youths loot covid-19 palliative warehouses


Following the protest to end the special anti robbery squad, looting across the country has assumed an alarming dimension as residents resort to breaking into government properties. After the covid-19 pandemic spread to Nigeria, the private sector, coalition against covid-19 (CACOVID) rose to the occasion. Funds and food items were raised to alleviate some of the economic hardships resulting from the pandemic. Recall that the brunt of the covid-19 pandemic was during the lockdown in May, reasonably, this would have been the best time to share palliatives to many Nigerians. Hundreds of locals stormed warehouse that housed the COVID-19 palliatives in different states across the country and carted away the food items and Governors have denied hoarding the food items donated by the organised private sector to ease the economic hardship imposed on the poor by the COVID-19 lockdown. How sincere is the federal government in it’s response to the looted palliatives?

#EndSARS: 71 docked for alleged looting of malls, warehouse in Kwara

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