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Sexual purity gives you power to have all you could ever wish for! (III)


DEAR Sister Temilolu, You are a blessing to this generation and pray God increases in you in Jesus name. As a Muslim woman with deep understanding of both religion, I’m pleased to be associated with you. I must thank you for the good work you’re doing. May God be pleased with you always and continue to grant you His wisdom to walk with Him to the end in Jesus mighty name!

Olubunmi Kadri

Dear Ma,

I love reading your articles but I have my doubt about your last article- “Sexual purity gives you power to have all you could ever wish for!” There are so many poor virgin girls out there. Does it mean they can’t use their power very well?

Zipporah, 22, Lagos

My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian daughters,

Whewww….I love, love, love wonderful Zippy’s question! Believe me, if only the average female knew the type of power she carries, no one will teach her to refuse to be polluted/contaminated, to preserve her virginity till her wedding night- FOR JUST ONE MAN, MAJORLY IN HER OWN INTEREST and not because she wants to please her husband! However, sadly, we are in a depraved world which gets worse by the day but the amazing thing is that there’s so much glory and unexpected rewards made available by God for those who refuse to defile His temple and follow Him absolutely in spite their hardships and pressure from men! Isn’t He the owner of all the gold and silver in the world and the maker of the men a lot of ladies are running after for money at the detriment of their destiny and the gold mine God has made them? Hmmm…Lord have mercy… (shaking my head)!

Babes, to start with all females are gold mines specially created with certain spiritual gifts and innate abilities to create wealth. We are created with this “dangerous” spiritual perception that can make things happen, that can build nothing to a wonder. We have the power to build up an empire and destroy one! Do you think it’s easy to carry life in a womb for 9months, incubate it and birth it into the world? Do you know the type of spiritual power attached to that? With due respect to men, do they have that privilege? If I begin to explain the type of power we’re naturally imbued with, you may think I’m delving into witchcraft but what I’m carrying inside of me is a lot more gargantuan than the stupid, bad devil and its smelly and disgusting witchcraft! In actual fact- it’s God-craft and the earlier you know how to use it the better for you! On the other hand, I know you must have read about the industry of the virtuous woman in the bible- Proverbs 31. Have you ever read anywhere about a virtuous man? Hmm…THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER! I’m coming back to answer your question in full force. I will answer you appropriately next Saturday. May God bless you and make you very great in Jesus name!

To be continued.

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