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Storage Wars star reaches a deal with Vanessa Bryant to sell back a trove of Kobe’s personal items


Storage Wars star reaches a deal with Vanessa Bryant to sell back a trove of Kobe’s personal items including jerseys and sneakers found in an abandoned unit that sold for just $375

  • Rene Nezhoda, a cast member of ‘Storage Wars,’ claims to have discovered a treasure trove of Kobe Bryant’s personal memorabilia in a storage unit
  • The unit was auctioned off to a buyer for $375 and then sold to Nezhoda for $13K
  • Now Nezhoda said he thinks he could sell everything – including 35 pairs of sneakers, practice jerseys, and a fur coat – for three times that price 
  • Bryant, who would have turned 42 on Sunday, died along with his 12-year-old daughter Gianna and seven others in a January helicopter crash in California 
  • Nezhoda reached out to Bryant’s widow Vanessa to see if she wanted any of the kids jerseys or sneakers that presumably belonged to her four daughters  

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A cast member of A&E’s Storage Wars who got his hands on a treasure trove of Kobe Bryant’s personal memorabilia has transferred most of the belongings over to the Lakers legend’s widow Vanessa Bryant as part of a top-secret deal.

After the unit recently sold at auction for just $375, Rene Nezhoda, bought the 35 pairs of sneakers that belonged to his stylist, an all-access badge labelled with his nickname ‘Mamba’, and more items for $13,000.

But representatives for Vanessa Bryant got in touch with Nezhoda after learning about the unit and managed to get most of the items for an undisclosed amount.  

‘Everything has been worked out. A number of personal items, worn items, and paperwork were sold directly back to the Bryant family,’ Nezhoda told TMZ on Thursday.


Rene Nezhoda, who regularly appears on the A&E reality show Storage Wars bagged a fur coat and jerseys that belonged to Kobe Bryant in August

There were 35 pairs of sneakers in the storage unit that previously belonged to Bryant’s stylist

Vanessa Bryant has bought back many of the items linked to her late husband Kobe Bryant

The deal was reportedly not about making a profit but getting the items from the abandoned storage locker back to the Bryants in a fair way. 

Kobe and 13-year-old daughter Gigi Bryant died in January, leaving behind Vanessa and three of their children.

The storage unit purportedly contained practice gear, tax returns and even a mink coat from a photo shoot. 

According to someone close to the deal Nezhoda was able to keep some items that had not been worn by Kobe.

Nezhoda reportedly plans on selling those pieces for a profit. 

Nezhoda had previously claimed that the unit belonged to Bryant’s former stylist Derek Roche. However, a spokeswoman for Roche told the Daily Mail that her client had nothing to do with the unit. It remains unclear who owned the unit before it went to auction. 

Speaking with the Daily Mail in August, Nezhoda said he had been in touch with Bryant family attorneys. Nezhoda went on to say he’s returning some of the items to Bryant’s widow Vanessa at her request.  

The TV star’s deal saw him hand over items worn by Kobe Bryant however he could keep so items that weren’t personal

Nezhoda plans to make a profit from the items he was allowed to keep but the deal with Vanessa was about returning the pieces in a fair way

Kobe Bryan (center) died along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna (far left) and seven others in a helicopter crash along the California coast in January. They’re pictured December 17 with Vanessa Bryant

In addition to a laminated pass reading ‘Mamba,’ Bryant’s nickname, the Lakers legend’s tax documents were also revealed in the storage unit 

Video courtesy of Bargainhuntersthrift  

‘Storage Wars’ typically centers on the auctioning of mysterious storage lockers, which went up for sale when the owners stopped paying their bill. Nezhoda previously said he expected to triple his investment.

Nezhoda said in August he’d been in touch with Vanessa to see if she would like to have the kids’ jerseys and sneakers returned that presumably belonged to her four daughters.

Nezhoda went on to say there were even more items from the unit that he was negotiating to purchase.

‘The 2 huge Wardrobe boxes that we didn’t get to see that appeared to have bedding in them had more stuff on the bottom half of them,’ Nezhoda wrote on YouTube. 

‘Some of the items include several pairs of Sean John Sunglasses that probably belonged to him directly since he works for bad Boy Entertainment, 5 pieces of Kobe Warms ups all used, couple of more pairs of shoes, another nice fur jacket, Versace Shoes Owned and Used by LITTLE KIM super BLING BLING LOOKING and a bunch more of Brand New Designer Clothes!’

However Nezhoda said that the seller had ‘increased his asking price to $26,000 for that stuff so we will see if we can work out a deal.’


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