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Tanzania: Kilimanjaro On Fire – Villagers, Volunteers Join The Fight


Moshi — Several volunteers including residents of the nearby villages have joined firefighters in efforts to extinguish the wild fires that broke out yesterday afternoon on Africa’s highest peak, Kilimanjaro.

Authorities maintain that the cause of the fire is yet to be established.

According to Moshi District Commisioner, Alhaj Rajabu Kundya, several groups are already at the scene to help with efforts to put out the fire that threatens the vegetation on the world’s highest free standing mountain.

“Experts from the fire brigade are here especially their experts, the scouts, besides I am also on the way heading there. We have continued to encourage people living in the nearby villages to join efforts in putting out the fire.

Apart from the fire fighters, students and staff from Mweka Wildlife College have been rallied to join hands in the fire fight.

“Our college in Mweka as one of the stakeholders we have found it necessary to go up the mountain and join hands with others who are involved in the fire fight,” Jafari Kadeghesho, the head of Mweka Wildlife College.

The students join villagers from Mshiri, Lyasongoro, Komalyangowe, and Kitowo.

However, those who arrived at the scene earlier yesterday cited the altitude and terrain as a major impediment towards the fight against the fire which threatened to spread further.

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