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Two-year-old who went viral baking with his grandmother leaves This Morning viewers in hysterics


A two-year-old who went viral when he tried to eat all the ingredients while baking with his grandmother left This Morning viewers in hysterics after grabbing his mother’s chest in a hilarious appearance today. 

Christy Hagedorn, from Maryland, appeared on the show alongside her cheeky son Cade, after a video of the toddler making cookies with his grandmother recently racked up 30 million views.   

Viewers were left crying with laughter after the tot, who was inexplicably wearing socks on his hands, gleefully grabbed his mother’s chest, saying ‘Mommy’s boobs’ during the interview, with fans hailing the toddler ‘hilarious’ and ‘brilliant’. 

Christy Hagedorn, from Maryland, (pictured right) appeared on the This Morning alongside her cheeky two-year-old son Cade today

Cade, who was inexplicably wearing socks on his hands, gleefully grabbed his mother’s chest during the interview

When asked how long her son had been cooking for, Christy told: ‘He turned two in august, we started cooking during quarantine.

‘We brought him a stool so he could reach and he instantly gravitated towards the counter and wanted to help, so probably six or seven months.’ 

However, an unaware Cade then interrupted saying: ‘Mommy’s boobs!’ while grabbing his mother’s chest, leaving hosts Ruth Langsford an Eammon Holmes in hysterics. 

Viewers quickly took to Twitter to comment on the toddler’s antics, with one writing: ‘This kid is hilarious’.

Viewers were left crying with laughter after the tot with fans hailing the toddler ‘hilarious’ and ‘brilliant’

‘Haha that kid is brilliant!’, said another. 

A third wrote: ‘Has he got socks on his hands to stop him from munching everything in sight?’

When asked whether baking with his Nana is a regular occurrence, Christy went on: ‘Unfortunately no, my husband and I are in the military which puts us far away from family. 

‘My husband was deployed for Covid response and so my mom came to help out, which is when they filmed the first video.’ 

Cade appeared on the show today after a video of the toddler making cookies with his Nana gathered over 30 million views last week

She explained to hosts Ruth Langsford an Eammon Holmes (both pictured) that her son started baking during quarantine 

When asked whether Cade knows about his new fame, Christie said: ‘Not at all, I think he enjoys being in the kitchen, we’ve continued doing videos. But we were shocked when it went viral, we weren’t even really prepared.’

The hilarious clip of Cade baking with his grandmother shows the tot diving into the bowl several times, while his poor gran tried to intervene to keep him from eating raw eggs, sugar and butter. 

The clip, initially shared on Facebook, made it to Twitter, where it quickly went viral, and has since gathered more than 30 million views. 

The toddler could be seen wearing a chef’s hat and white apron while his grandmother asked him if he ‘was ready,’ propping an empty red plastic bowl in front of him. 

In the video, the grandmother, known as Nana, had to keep a close eye on Cade to keep him from eating the food

The grandmother, known as ‘Nana,’ first instructed Cade to add the solid raw butter to the bowl. Soon after, the youngster could be seen plunging his hand into the bowl to taste some of it. 

With a chuckle, Nana had to intercept the bowl, while Cade settled for licking his fingers, full of creamy butter.

Later, Nana handed Cade an empty saucepan which she helped him fill with white sugar. Once again, after pouring the content of the saucepan in the bowl, the toddler dipped his fingers into the bowl to taste it. 

At one point, greedy Cade tried to eat the butter his Nana had just poured into the mixing bowl  

When it came time to pour brown sugar into the cookie mix, Cade went straight to the source and licked the brown sugar directly from the saucepan, before pouring it into the red bowl. 

Caught between panic and laughter, Nana could be seen trying her best to keep her grandson from eating all the raw ingredients of the cookie mix. 

She moved on to showing him how to break the eggs into the red bowl. However,  Cade once again tried to get a taste of the action by catching some of the yoke on its tiny fingers. 

For the Nana, this was the last straw, Holding him with both hands so he would not eat more of the mix, she could not stop laughing as Cade gleefully licked his fingers once more. 

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