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US Election 2020: Trump rails against Fox News at Michigan rally


President Donald Trump railed against Fox News Channel and made fun of Fox host Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask at his Waterford Township, Michigan rally Friday. 

Ingraham was in a VIP spot because she is filming a special with the president for her show Friday. 

‘The crowds are much bigger, there’s more enthusiasm, but Fox is the big difference,’ Trump said comparing his 2016 run to this one. ‘Somewhere along the line we lost Fox, but that’s OK.’ 

The president was angered recently when he saw that Fox News Channel, which leans more conservative, had been airing campaign events headlined by his rival, Democrat Joe Biden and one of Biden’s top surrogates, former President Barack Obama.

The president had prefaced his statement with, ‘We still have a few great ones at Fox.’ 

The network carried Trump’s full Michigan rally live, despite Biden holding an event in Iowa that started shortly after. 

President Donald Trump addressed a crowd at Oakland County International Airport, in Waterford Township, Michigan on Friday, where he complained about Fox News Channel and made fun of Fox News’ Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask

President Donald Trump railed against Fox News Channel at the Oakland County International Airport in Waterford Township, Michigan on Friday. He also made fun of Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who was in the crowd, for wearing a mask 

Masked Fox star: Laura Ingraham was mocked by the president for wearing a mask as she stood in a VIP area of the Michigan rally. Her mask appears to have come from the Clear company at an airport.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson (left), a retired neurosurgeon, and his wife Candy (right) were in Trump’s Michigan crowd, not wearing masks. The Carsons were born and brought up in Detroit

President Donald Trump tosses a ballcap into the crowd during his first rally Friday in Michigan. He’ll head to Wisconsin and then Minnesota for two more events through the day 

Off to Wisconsin: Air Force One takes off for the next stage of Trump’s latest mid-western swing

Not a lot of masks: As has become customary at Trump rallies, there was no social distancing and – with the exception of some of those directly behind him and Laura Ingraham – little sign of mask wearing

Arrival: Trump was ready for colder temperatures than his last rally in Florida

Biden’s was then played.  

Fox anchor Bill Hemmer said the network aired both ‘to give you a gauge of how two candidates are running very different campaigns.’ 

For one, Trump’s isn’t abiding by basic COVID restrictions, packing people in and not enforcing mask-wearing. 

When Trump looked out into the Michigan crowd to scout Ingraham, he was surprised to see was wearing one.   

‘I can’t recognize you. Is that a mask? No way, are you wearing a mask?’ he shouted to Ingraham. ‘I’ve never seen her in a mask.’ 

‘Look at you, Laura, he went on. ‘She’s being very politically correct. Whoa! Whoa!’ Trump added.  

At Trump’s recent flurry of rallies, of majority of attendees have been unmasked, as the president has mocked Democratic nominee Joe Biden for his mask-wearing.  

Housing and Urban Development Department Secretary Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, and his wife Candy were in the crowd. 

They didn’t wear masks. 

Trump has been using a clip of Ingraham’s show in the video reel that he’s played at each rally, where she goes after Biden.  

His Michigan stop – located halfway between Detroit and Flint – was the first of the day, with just four days left until votes are finished being cast in the 2020 presidential race.

Trump will travel to Wisconsin, which he won over Hillary Clinton, next. 

He’ll end his day in Minnesota, where his event was capped to 250 attendees due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Trump is hoping Minnesota, another part of the Democrats’ so-called ‘blue wall,’ will flip his way this time. 

In Michigan he, again, went after the state’s Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, whl was targeted by right-wing militia members in a kidnapping plot. 

Trump has continued to bash her coronavirus restrictions anyway, falsely claiming Democratic governors are keeping precautions in place to hurt the president politically. 

During Friday’s rally he got a raucous ‘lock her up! chant. 

‘Not me!’ he said looking at the members of the media at the venue. ‘They blame me everytime that happens.’  

He also told the Michigan crowd he was sure he’d win Minnesota because of Rep. Ilhan Omar, a favorite target of Trump’s and one of just two Muslim women in Congress. 

She represents one-fourth of the House Democrats ‘squad’ of progressive freshmen lawmakers.     

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