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US marines rescue stranded family after boat capsized in Florida


US marine cops rescue mom, dad and their little girl from rough waters after their boat capsizes in strong winds off Florida’s Davis Island

  • A boat carrying seven people – including three children – capsized on Monday
  • The incident happened in Davis Island, a Florida neighbourhood and archipelago
  • The other four were brought to safety by Tampa police and fire units 
  • Using rope, the marines are able to pull the family to the boat and onto the deck 

By Chris Jewers For Mailonline

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This is the moment US marine cops rescued a family who were left stranded in chilly water when their boat capsized due to strong winds.

The incident was filmed in Davis Islands, a Tampa neighbourhood and archipelago in Hillsborough County in Florida, just before 3 p.m. on Monday (October 19).

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) said on social media: ‘Marine Unit deputies, along with the Tampa Police Marine Unit and Tampa Fire Rescue, were dispatched to an area between Davis Island and Bayshore Boulevard where seven people, four adults, and three children were reportedly stranded in the water.’

Seven people were rescued – including three children – on Monday who were left stranded in the chilly water when their boat capsized due to strong winds. A video from one of the rescuer’s body cameras has been released showing the rescue

Their 18-foot jet boat had capsized due to strong winds during a small craft advisory, a wind warning issued by the National Weather Service in the US.

The HCSO said: ‘Deputies were able to help a mother, father, and their seven-year-old daughter from the water as Tampa Fire Rescue safely recovered the remaining two adults and two children.’

Meanwhile, the family’s vessel was towed back to the Davis Island Boat Ramp by the authorities as the seven affected people were checked by paramedics.

Due to the authorities’ quick actions rescuing the individuals, no one sustained any injuries. Luckily, they were all wearing life jackets. 

‘When an emergency happens, jurisdictional boundaries don’t matter. We all do our part to help those in need, and I’m thankful that our deputies were able to assist in getting this family to safety,’ Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister.

‘This is a reminder to boaters to always pay attention to the weather forecast before going out on the water, and most importantly, to make sure everyone on board your boat has a life jacket. You never know when you’ll need it.’

In the video of the rescue, filmed on one of the rescuer’s body cams, the mother, father and daughter can be seen floating in the water wearing brightly coloured life jackets as the rescue vessel approaches.

A man, woman and child are closest to the boat when it arrives, and as the rescuers pull up near them and throw a yellow rope out to them to bring them into the boat

First, the rescuers help a young girl up onto the deck who said ‘thank you’ as they brought her aboard, followed by the girl’s mother (pictured)

Further out in the water, the underside of the family’s boat can be seen bobbing in the waves.

The family are seen closest to the boat when it arrives, and as the rescuers pull up near to them, they begin to unfurl ropes before throwing them to the people in the water.

The strength of the wind that capsized the boat can be heard in the video and seen in the waves that are moving the family around in the water, while one of the rescuer’s coats is seen billowing around him.

Finally, a man is brought aboard as another rescue boat has arrived in the background to rescue the other people who were thrown into the water when their boat capsized 

One of the rescuers throws a yellow rope out to the people bobbing in the water who swim closer to the boat, before being pulled up onto the rescue vessel.

As one of the marines lifts one of the children – a little girl – into the boat, she calmly says ‘thank you’, to which the marine responds ‘you’re welcome’.

Her mother, who was swimming with the girl to the boat, is then helped up onto the deck. 

By now, a Tampa Fire Rescue boat has arrived, and a second rope has been thrown out to the girl’s father still in the water. The rescuers pull him into the boat as well to follow the others.


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