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White ‘Karen’ hurls helpless dog at a black man during vile racist attack


Ranting white ‘Karen’ hurls her puppy at black man during racist, violent outburst in LA – as he adopts its and renames it Movie

  • Victim filmed the woman holding a puppy on a street believed to be in LA 
  • The white woman, launches a racist tirade against the victim, a black man 
  • Woman also assaulted the man, punching and kicking him throughout the video
  • Woman hurled the puppy straight at man making the dog whimper in distress

By Ryan Fahey For Mailonline

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A woman threw a helpless dog at a man during a vile racist attack and then accused him of stealing the visibly distressed pup.  

In a shocking video, filmed by the victim, a woman holding a puppy is seen confronting a man in the middle of what is believed to be an empty street in LA during broad daylight.

The woman paces back and forth slurring her speech while launching a racist tirade against the victim.

In the video, she said: ‘Mafia it’s called the military of the United States of America, you’re black.’ 

To which he replied, ‘What did you say?’ and she responded: ‘You’re black.’

This is the moment a white ‘Karen’ flings a dog at a black man during a heated racist argument in what is believed to be LA

Pictured: The innocent pup falls to the ground after the unidentified woman launched it at the man she was arguing with 

The victim told her: ‘So what if I’m f***ing black?’

The woman spit on the ground and confronted the man in a hostile manner, telling him: ‘So what if I’m f***ing white?’

The man replied: ‘I didn’t say nothing about race you racist b***h. You’re the one bringing up f***ing race.’

The woman can be heard rambling on and even insulted the man’s family.

The woman also physically assaulted the man, punching and kicking him throughout the video.

In a shocking turn of events, the woman hurled the puppy straight at the man sending the poor pup whimpering in distress.

The victim of the racial incident took the pup in, renaming her Movie. Pictured: An instagram post showing Movie at his new owner’s home in Los Angeles 

The man checked if the dog was alright and before lifting up the distressed pup, but the woman accused the man of stealing her dog.

 The victim, who has taken the dog to live with him, has confirmed she is safe and well.

The video has since gone viral on Twitter, gaining over 22.4 million views as hundreds of users lashed out at the woman’s vile behaviour.

@Jj2369C wrote ‘It’s so sad there are people like this in this world. I’m so thankful that you rescued this dog from this racist psychopath’

@klext added: ‘The fact that the dog ran to the person it wasnt familiar with shows that lady didnt treat it right I genuinely hope he took the dog’

Meanwhile, @carlste48176927 said: ‘You couldn’t make her pupils any smaller if you used an ultra fine ballpoint pen lol. This chic is obviously around day 2 of a week long meth binge without any doubt lol’

The victim has since set up a GoFundMe page for anyone who would like to donate to the pup, which he has since named ‘Movie’:


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