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Yoruba Summit Group Issues Communique Of Last Meeting

Yoruba summit Group

After the Extraordinary meeting of the Yorùbá Summit Group held on Friday 23rd of October 2020, it has become important to reiterate our commitment to the outcome of the deliberations that led to the earlier communique issued on the 23rd of July 24, 2020, stating unreservedly, that the ship of the state is veering off precariously into a precipice, and that Nigeria is at the very edge of political subsidence.

We all should recall that our advocacy unequivocally was that a clear path to restructuring by October 1, 2020, was the panacea to the avoidance of chaos, anarchy and tyranny, failure to which We, the Yorùbá will be left with no other choice but to begin to actively seek for and actualize the quest for self-determination.
Nothing can better demonstrate this than the realities of recent events concerning the End SARS mass movement.
The Yorùbá Summit Group ultimately revisited and further appraised the state of the Nation in context of the recent spontaneous and organically demonstrated protests and the subsequent brutish put down by the Federal authorities that led to the Lekki shootings killing and injuring our Youths.
We note that various reactions that have erupted all over the country and across the whole world in support of the youths.
We commend our youths for drawing global attention to the infringement of human rights in the country through the #EndSARS peaceful protests which was mishandled by the government, resulting in loss of lives and properties, communal and private, in the tune of trillions of Naira.
We seize this opportunity to commiserate with those who have lost their limbs and or loved ones in the melee.
In view of the foregoing we decided and resolved as follows:
1. The Nigerian State has mistreated everyone, it is imperative that the territory that was known as Western Region under the 1963 Constitution, along with other peoples having affinities with the Yoruba Nation in Edo, Delta, Kogi and Kwara be organised in pursuit of our political identity and socio-economic economic welfare of all. Notwithstanding any political labels, our quest is to think through and fashion out the pathway for the progress of our peoples at the homeland and across the world.
We recommend that other regions follow suit.
2. As a federation of all civil society groups, the Yoruba Summit Group has now decided to expand its reach and focus to align with all current and past political office holders, religion and traditional leaders, professionals, businesses, academia, retired military and paramilitary officers, being representatives of the 6 territorial States: plus, nominees from Yoruba communities in Kogi, Kwara, Edo and the Yoruba part of Delta States. In doing this, an outreach mechanism has been worked out that will also ensure the assimilation of our youths, especially those who have excelled academically and innovatively out of our tertiary institutions in the last 20 years.
3. The YSG has now set for itself the historic objective of undertaking the redesigning and re-configuration of our political space towards the building of an egalitarian society that guarantees freedom and abundance for all, inclusive of the unborn. In order to demonstrate our resolve to do right and the best for our Nation, the instruments and processes for realising these objectives would be rolled out in the soon. A viable and proper leadership recruitment template besides the periodic distribution of money at election period would be developed.
Within this template, would be incorporated neighbourhood security, such that the type of brigandage recently witnessed would be a thing of the past.
4. In due course, the minimum irreducible constitutional conditions that will enable our being in peaceful neighbourliness with all others in Nigeria would be published. At whatever date and venue, the Yoruba Nation would by so doing be in readiness for confederal talks with all other ethnic nationalities as may be considered expedient. We shall no longer be held down by acts and or inaction of any or all of our current compatriots
The Next Natural Step.
We, the Yorùbá have resolved, that;
The fecundity of silence.
A potpourri of impunity,
A harvest of conspiracies
A conundrum of corruption,
A quandary of squandermania, must all stop.
A New future Beckons as The Reckoning is here. 
We must stop to be even remotely, discretely subjective in the midst of a whole host of alternative stimuli as grandstanding and gaslighting our people. Nigeria does not have the time anymore to pander, prevaricate to old ways.
We must not only live for the moment, but we must also plan for the future which everyone, including the elders, the speaker of the house of representatives and the vice president agree to that the risk of a break up is Real!
That we align with the position of the Arewa Consultative Forum and other bodies and groups calling for a Referendum, a safely internationally conducted plebiscite to be carried out in all the 6 zones by the people who Constitute these component parts whether they so wish to remain together or go their separate ways as it was done in both The Northern and Southern Cameroons on the 11th of February 1961.
The 2023 election time-table 
The question of an election before finding solutions to Nigeria’s continued existence is that which begs not for an answer as clarity of the optics needs no bifocality — It must be settled now. A call for a Referendum as l demanded becomes the Critical Minimum Standard.
In solidarity with our Youths.
We also mourn our Dear departed Matriarchs.
With sadness in our hearts, but gratitude for worthy lives well spent, The Leaders of The Yorùbá Summit Group, commiserate with the family of our revered Papa Obafemi Awolowo on the passage of Reverend Mrs Tola Oyediran. The Leaders also commiserate with the family of the Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde on the passage of his dearly beloved mother.
Our message of hope to our gallant youths and to the Yorùbá in particular.
As we salute our Galant Youths, we charge you to hold on to the ideology of the Tree; When the shadow of a tree is bent, straighten the tree and not the shadow — Continue to have a grip on the struggle, as you have at the moment and to go to the end of your beliefs, as Everything is Possible!
Mogaji Gboyega Adejumo.
The Publicity Secretary, Yorùbá Summit Group

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