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You’re collection of devils, Nigerians blast Police over statement on Twitter


By Nwafor Sunday

The Nigerian Police Force has come under attack for saying the force ‘is not a collection of angels’.

On its verified twitter handle, the force public relations department stated conspicuously that they are not a collection of angels, noting that they are doing their best to serve Nigerians better.

Irked with the above statement, Twitter users in a riposte condemned the post, noting that they are collection of devils.

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Below are some of the tweets from Nigerians:

No you’re not collection of angels, that much is correct, you’re actually collection of devils.

— Jara (@Phiseey) October 26, 2020

Hope you know this is not a way to show you care?

Transparency and Accountability!

How hard is that from even the few demons!

— LEO (@OlotuEmmanuel) October 26, 2020

We are not looking for angels. We are looking for men and women dedicated to protect us and serve us.

— 🇳🇬 (@chineduanaz) October 26, 2020


Even if you have those bad eggs, why should we be pointing them out and you are doing close to nothing.

We aren’t asking for too much, we are asking you to do your job, enforce the law, just that this time face the bad eggs among you!!!

— Calypha (@OWariz) October 26, 2020

Police is not even friends to themselves. Serve and save yourselves first before us.

— Ifyno 🗣: #NigeriaFailedUs (@KardinalSmart) October 26, 2020

If you guys are doing your best like DPO Garba Rabiu, @AcpIshaku @Edward_Onoriode @TunjiDisu1 trust me, there won’t be a need for #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria . All we ask is just the basic of respect of our fundamental human rights and we will be fine. 1/2 #EndSARS pic.twitter.com/wyF2n2mNYw

— #Chloroquine #EndSARS #LekkiGenocide (@prettycachy) October 26, 2020

True. Neither are we a collection of fallen angels.

That’s why we the citizen are fighting on your behalf to be paid better. You deserve a well pay salary after putting your lives at risk for us.

Nice insurance package too.

We’re not your enemy.❤️💯💡

— #EndSars ìPrince (@PrinxHD) October 26, 2020

It very obvious that sanwoolu’s interview with CNN has sent panic. So na today,you know say una no get angels??? You must fish out those rogue officers

— Davymartin (@DavymartinCE0) October 26, 2020

there’s no doubt the police is highly traumatized by recent events which have rendered them largely devastated.A lot of ur men don’t even know why they r police officers,reason they r quick to shoot at innocent citizens.”Police is ur friend”so u say;but it turns out to b a fraud

— Dr Feelgood (@Iruobe9) October 26, 2020

We are not a collection of angels, but we are doing our best to serve you better. pic.twitter.com/TIz9tGGIa0

— JBL Wale (@JBL_Wale) October 26, 2020

You are Not Expected to be Angels, Just do your Fvcking duty and Stay Out of duties that doesn’t Concern you!!!! Good Policing System Is All Nigerians Required ✊

— BETWIZAD.COM🧙‍♂️_Webmaster (@OGBENI_BAMBAM) October 26, 2020

These aren’t just few bad eggs I guess… Did I hear something like “the IG has given us the go ahead to kill them, we’re ready to kill”? 🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/Lephqeod3y

— Samuel O. Williams 🕗 © (@iamOvox) October 26, 2020

We are not a collection of Angels but we’re doing our best to serve you better pic.twitter.com/o0QBdCEPMJ

— Omoiyanurse (@Omoiyanurse4) October 26, 2020

This literally means

We’re Police, meant to protect you o

But sometimes, we can be crazy and extort you, kill you etc, sha manage us like that, you hear, xoxo

— ANONYMOUS (@OouStudent) October 26, 2020

Wahala be like Collection of Angels. pic.twitter.com/udHLqJty83

— Time Vortex (@_Precious_7) October 26, 2020

Wetin be this? pic.twitter.com/8rol3c5LnZ

— HalfTogolese&Nigerian (@mausitollz) October 26, 2020

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