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Black Friday: ‘Focus on kidnapping and killing’ – Yesufu, Sani tell Hisbah police


Reacting to the warning and threat, Sani said the threat was “nonsensical”, adding that the service of the corps is needed on the battlefield. Sani tweeted, saying, “Friday is our sacred day of prayer as Muslims. Whatever colour is added to it doesn’t matter. Hisbah’s threats against the phrase ’Black Friday’ is nonsensical. They should focus on the killings and kidnappings going on in their domains. Their services are needed in the battlefield.”

Similarly, Yesufu described the action of Hisbah as a disgrace, stating that there is nothing wrong with the phrase. She said the phrase was a glorious one due to its impact in reducing the price of goods and commodities. She charged the corps to focus on saving Muslims from being killed by insurgents and terrorist groups in the region.

She said, “What kind of disgrace is this? The Muslims that are being killed don’t matter, it is Friday that matters? Are we not black so what is wrong in having a black Friday? A glorious BLACK FRIDAY where you get goods at reduced price. Isn’t that giving? Isn’t giving out part of Islam?”

The Hisbah Police have been accused of a wide range of human rights abuses including confiscating and burning of beer. The Islamic security outfit recently in Kebbi and Kano released fresh guidelines for dressing for residents of the states and also banned commercial tricycle riders from carrying women and men at the same time.

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