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Cameroon: Election Monitoring – Civil Society Organisations Brace-Up


As election observations, they contribute in enhancing the democratic process.

Ahead of poll day for the election of regional councillors, civil society organisations are gathering steam to monitor the elections. After having deposited the required documents for accreditation at the Ministry of Territorial Administration in accordance with the law, the concerned civil society organisations while waiting on the decision of the Minister are already putting in place effective tools to properly monitor the elections which Cameroon would be organisation for the first time. Over the years, national and international observers have always been accredited to monitor elections in Cameroon in Cameroun.

The Electoral Code in Section 296 states that national observers shall be accredited by the Minister in charge of territorial administration while international observers shall be accredited by the same aforementioned Minister but after the opinion of the Minister in charge of external relations. “The Minister in charge of territorial administration, in consultation with Elections Cameroon, shall establish the code of conduct of election observers,” indicates paragraph 4 of Section 296. Civil Society Organisations would thus monitor the elections in accordance to the established code of conduct which meets international standards.

The National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms for example note they would be observing the elections and several staff from the Commission would be present at polling stations. Officials equally note that, while observing the election, they do not in any way interfere in the conduct of the polls. They further note that election observation at the level of the Commission covers the entire electoral process and not only election-day proceedings. A report is made after the election and submitted where need be as required by classical election observation norms. The said report assess whether the election met international standards and possible recommendations for improvement made.

More Women in Politics, Network for Solidarity Empowerment and Transformation for All (NewSETA) and the Union of Youths of the Economic Community of Central African States (UJ-CEMAC) are other civil society organisations preparing to monitor the December 6, 2020 elections.

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