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Charli D’Amelio is accused of BUYING TikTok followers after reaching100 million fans on the app


TikTok’s most popular star Charli D’Amelio has been accused of buying followers on the app in order to reach 100 million fans, just days after she became the first user to achieve the impressive milestone. 

The 16-year-old, who is from Connecticut but is now based in Los Angeles with her family, made history on Sunday when she surpassed 100 million followers. However, her achievement has prompted suspicion among her fellow users, some of whom have claimed that she purchased followers in order to boost her numbers. 

Over the weekend, a TikTok user named Ashley (@kissmyasshleyy) posted a video in which she pointed out that one of the followers listed on Charli’s account was not actually following the teen star. 

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Allegations: Charli D’Amelio has been accused of buying TikTok followers after becoming the first to reach 100 million fans on the platform

Celebrating: The 16-year-old learned she had reached 100 million followers and made TikTok history on Sunday morning 

In the clip, Ashley can be seen clicking on the follower’s account to show that it was only following two people — and Charli wasn’t one of them.  

‘Charli getting canceled for no reason rn abt this snail stuff BUT look @ her followers & some aren’t following her. Who can explain,’ she captioned the clip. 

Some commenters insisted Charli was buying bot accounts, with one person insisting the influencer’s videos would get more than just five million views if she had 100 million followers. 

Others were suspicious that Charli had lost one million followers in one day but then gained nearly double back shortly after. 

Ashley later posted follow-up videos saying it was likely a glitch in the system, which she had been told, noting that she had only checked one of Charli’s followers. 

Suspicious: A TikToker named Ashley showed in a video that one of the followers listed on Charli’s account was not actually following the teen star

Meanwhile, TikTok user Henry Ouang (@henryouang) shared a video that showed unusual spikes in Charli’s follower counts. 

‘You can see that it happens every single minute at the 20-second marks,’ he said. ‘That seems suspicious doesn’t it?’ 

Henry has since deleted the video, but it’s still available to watch on Dexerto. Like Ashley, he also filmed a follow-up video to clarify that his findings do not prove that Charli was buying followers.

A number of commenters theorized that Henry was ‘forced’ to remove the original video and post a clarification by either a member of Charli’s team or TikTok, though there is no evidence that actually happened. 

As the speculation mounts, critics have taken to Charli’s latest videos to accuse her of purchasing her follower count, which is now up to 101 million. 

Say what? Another user named Henry pointed out that the teen’s account had been experiencing suspiciously large spikes in follower numbers

Backtracking: Henry has since deleted the video and filmed a follow-up video to clarify that his findings do not prove that Charli was buying followers 

In a recent sponsored post, the teen queen and her mother Heidi can be seen opening a box from Amazon before having an impromptu fashion show in their home to model their new pajamas. 

‘That’s the box of followers she bought,’ one person wrote, while another added: ‘Imagine buying followers.’ 

‘How many of your followers are bought?’ someone else asked.    

Charli has yet to publicly address the speculation surrounding her increase in followers, and it’s unclear if she will.  

A spokesperson for the D’Amelios has denied the accusations, telling that neither Charli nor any other member of the family has ever bought followers. 

The suspicions about Charli’s followers is just the latest controversy to hit the teen and her family in recent weeks. 

Rumors: Charli and her mother Heidi recently filmed TikTok ad for Amazon, prompting viewers to take to the comments to accuse her of buying followers 

Keeping quiet: Charli has yet to address the speculation surrounding her increase in followers

Less than a week before she hit 100 million followers and made TikTok history, Charli and her older sister Dixie faced fierce backlash over their family’s controversial Dinner with the D’Amelios YouTube video. 

In the first episode of the new YouTube series, which was released on November 16, the TikTok stars sat down with their parents, Marc and Heidi, and their first mystery guest, YouTuber and beauty influencer James Charles.   

Throughout the dinner, Charli and Dixie made faces and gagged in response to their chef Aaron May’s offerings. Charli later asked for ‘Dino nuggets’ while ran outside to throw up after eating a snail that was in the traditional paella. 

Charli had more than 99.5 million followers at the time, but the criticism led her to hemorrhage one million in less than a day. Her number of followers plummeted to 98.5 million before rising again. 

Ironically, at the time, Charli was just 500,000 followers shy of reaching her goal of one million by the end of the year, which she mentioned in the video.   

Start: Charli and her sister Dixie, 19, recently came under fire for the first episode of their YouTube series Dinner with the D’Amelios, which featured James Charles as the mystery guest

Seriously? During the dinner, Dixie bit into the snail and started to gag at the table before running outside to throw up

Spoiled? While eating, Charli rudely asked out loud: ‘Do we have any Dino nuggets?’ She also complained about not reaching 100 million followers by the end of the year 

‘I wish I had more time. Imagine if I hit 100 million a year after hitting one million,’ she told James. 

‘Was the 95 million not enough for you?’ James, 21, sarcastically replied.

The backlash led to Charli breaking down in an emotional Instagram Live video that she filmed on Thursday, insisting it was all a ‘misunderstanding.’  

‘Seeing how people reacted to this, like, I don’t even know if I want to do this anymore,’ she sobbed. ‘Like this is messed up stuff that people are saying. Like people telling me to hang myself.’ 

‘People just blatantly disrespecting the fact that I’m still a human being is not OK at all,’ she continued ‘Like you can hate on me for whatever I’ve done, but the fact that all of this is happening because [of] a misunderstanding. 

Heartbreaking: Charli broke down in an Instagram Live on Thursday, revealing that people have been cruelly telling her to kill herself amid the controversy surrounding the video 

Lesson to learn: She insisted ‘all of this is happening because [of] a misunderstanding’ and begged people to be ‘nice’ on social media 

‘Like I just feel like that’s not OK, and if this is the community that I’m in and the community that I put myself in, I don’t know if I want to do that anymore.’

A tearful Charli then urged her followers to be kind to others on social media. 

‘I know that this is gonna be a huge joke to whoever sees it, but like, at the end of the day, just, like, be nice,’ she said. 

‘I feel like it’s not that hard, and you can say whatever. You can say I’m disrespectful, you can say I don’t have basic human decency, but at the end of the day, I’m still a person.’  

But by Sunday morning, Charli was celebrating reaching 100 million TikTok followers with her fans across all of her social media platforms. 

Back on top: By Sunday morning, Charli was celebrating reaching 100 million TikTok followers, which is even more impressive considering she lost one million followers just days before

Big day: The influencer celebrated the news on Twitter, where she invited her fans to join her on Zoom calls to thank them

 ‘I don’t even know how to react, mostly because this doesn’t feel real. How do people even react to this? I just genuinely don’t know what to do,’ she said in an Instagram Live. 

‘I’m in my bathroom by myself watching edits on Twitter because they’re making me cry. I just genuinely do not know what to do. I’m so confused,’ she continued. 

‘Life doesn’t feel real. It’s just so weird to think a little over a year ago, I was in Connecticut doing regular school, doing nothing, and now I’m living in LA.’ 

Charli later announced that in honor of her milestone, TikTok will be donating $100,000 to the American Dance Movement, an organization that works to improve and increase access to dance education in the U.S.  

‘I’ve been dancing my entire life, and I’m so thankful to be able to give back [to] the community that made me the person that I am,’ she said of the donation. 

Who is TikTok’s biggest star Charli D’Amelio? How Connecticut teen went from filming dance videos in her bedroom to becoming the most-followed user on the app

Charli D’Amelio has gone from an ordinary teen filming dance videos in her bedroom to TikTok’s reigning star in just over a year and a half, and now the 16-year-old has become the first person on the platform to earn 100 million followers. 

The influencer’s seemingly overnight success has led to incredible opportunities that most adults could only dream of achieving — including an estimated $4 million in earnings in just one year. She’s danced alongside her idol Jennifer Lopez, had a Dunkin’ Donuts drink named after her, and even written an upcoming book. 

And while the competitive dancer from Norwalk, Connecticut, has become one of Gen Z’s most recognizable faces, her rise to fame hasn’t always been smooth sailing. There have been social media faux pas, tears, and drama in the past week alone.  

How about that: Charli is TikTok’s most popular star and the first user to ever reach 100 million followers on the platform 

Talented: The teen sensation from Connecticut is an accomplished professional dancer, though her TikTok routines are a bit more playful than traditional

Throwback: Charli’s first big break came in July 2019 when she posted a duet — a side by side video — of herself following TikTok user @move_with_joy’s dance choreography

Charli downloaded the TikTok app in May 2019, and her earliest videos were filmed horizontally to showcase her dance skills. She quickly adjusted her content to better suit the app, which is best known for viral dances, montages, and lip-syncs. 

Her first big break came in July 2019 when she posted a duet — a side by side video — of herself following TikTok user @move_with_joy’s dance choreography. The video helped launch her to fame and since been viewed 9.7 million times.   

Charli’s TikTok blew up from there, and by the end of November 2019, she had over six million followers and was gaining more by the day. 

In her first published interview, she told MEL Magazine that the sudden attention was taking some getting used to. 

‘It’s very weird, especially like when it’s [from] older people,’ she confessed. ‘Both girls and guys commenting on a 15-year-old’s appearance and her body shape and how she looks.’

As is to be expected, the sudden glare of the spotlight that comes with being something of an accidental overnight celebrity is a double-edged sword. The Gen Zs who have made her famous are now debating whether she’s ‘worth the hype.’ 

While she’s an accomplished, award-winning dancer on stage, her TikTok clips feature playful dance routines that she filmed at home or with friends, leading some to call her skills ‘basic’ at best.  

‘I don’t know what else to say about that,’ Charli said of the criticism that her dancing is overrated on TikTok. ‘I know all my years of training aren’t helping with TikTok dancing, but I know that TikTok dancing is fun.’  

Backlash: Charli’s older sister Dixie is a TikTok star in her own right with 44.8 million followers, which has led to lucrative brand partnerships for them 

Famous face: Earlier this year, Charli joined Jennifer Lopsz to film a dance video for the singer’s #SuperBowlChallenge

Big break: The two must have hit it off because Charlie later made a cameo in J Lo and Maluma’s music video for their song ‘Pa Ti’

In November 2019, her TikToks caught the attention of singer Bebe Rexha, who asked her to dance with her on stage when she opened for the Jonas Brothers at the Barclays Center in New York City.  

Earlier this year, Charli became the first TikTok star to land a Super Bowl commercial when she appeared in an ad for Sabra Hummus. 

The day before the game, the teen joined JLo to film a dance video for the singer’s #SuperBowlChallenge, a crowning achievement for Charli, whose dream was to perform with the star.   

The two must have hit it off because Charlie later made a cameo in Jennifer and Maluma’s music video for their song ‘Pa Ti.’

In March, just a few months before her 16th birthday, Charli became TikTok’s most-followed star after surpassing singer Loren Gray. 

Forbes later named Charli TikToks second highest-earning star after she made an estimated $4 million in one year. The top spot went to TikToker Addison Rae, who raked in $5 million. 

And it’s not just Charli who has earned celebrity status on the app — the rest of her family boast millions of followers of their own after becoming a part of her overall brand. 

Charli’s older sister Dixie, 19, has 44.8 million followers, while their parents Marc and Heidi have 8.5 million and 6.9 million, respectively. 

Try it: In September, Dunkin’ Donuts named a drink after her favorite order. ‘The Charli’ is a cold brew with whole milk and three pumps of caramel flavor

Impressive: In just a year and a half, Charli has danced her way to 100 million followers 

The D’Amelios may turn out to be the next Kardashians following their move to Los Angeles. It was confirmed in April that a reality show about the family was in the works. 

TikTok fame has also led to some lucrative sponsorships for Charli and Dixie, who have partnered with Hollister and makeup brand Morphe over the past year. The younger D’Amelio even has her own Charli-branded merchandise, which includes T-shirts, crop tops, and hoodies. 

Author: Charli also has an upcoming first book, ‘Essentially Charli: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping It Real,’ which will be published next month

Since her meteoric rise to fame, Charli has appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and attended Paris Fashion Week, chronicling her adventure on TikTok for Prada.  

She has made her acting debut in the animated film StarDog and TurboCat in which she played a mouse named Tinker. 

In September, Dunkin’ Donuts named a drink after her favorite order. ‘The Charli’ is a cold brew with whole milk and three pumps of caramel flavor. 

The drink launched right around the time she and her sister debuted their new Charli and Dixie: 2 Chix podcast.   

Charli also has an upcoming first book, ‘Essentially Charli: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping It Real,’ which will be published next month. 

According to the description, Charli shares ‘intimate details of her life’ in the guide, including how she has ‘stayed positive in the face of cyberbullying’ — a topic that has never been more relevant for the teen.   

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