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China toddler save: Man holds onto a boy through gaps of a window grille 120ft above the ground


Heart-stopping moment neighbor holds toddler through window grille 120ft above ground after catching him as he fell from 13-storey apartment

  • The boy had fallen from his flat and landed on a metal cage one floor down
  • A neighbour grabbed hold of him in the nick of time, saving his life in China
  • The two-year-old had been left at home alone when the accident took place
  • Firefighters pulled in the crying child after removing bars of the window grille 

By Billie Thomson For Mailonline

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A Chinese toddler has cheated certain death after falling from a 13-storey balcony thanks to his neighbour who held onto him through gaps of a window grille.

The two-year-old boy was at home by himself when he accidentally crawled out of the high-rise flat in eastern China on Sunday, according to the local fire brigade.

He landed on top of an anti-theft cage one floor down before a man from the family downstairs grabbed hold of him in the nick of time some 120 feet above the ground, rescuers said.

Footage released by a Chinese fire brigade shows a toddler being grabbed by a downstairs neighbour after falling out of his home 13 storeys up while being left unattended in China

The video shows the boy being pulled into safety after firefighters removed bars of the anti-theft cage some 120 feet above the ground. It is believed the child is unhurt in the accident

The accident occurred at late night on November 22 in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, the Anhui Firefighting and Rescuing Corps said.

According to an official social media post, the child’s father had gone out ‘for a few minutes’ to run an errand, leaving the boy sleeping at home alone.

But the toddler woke up shortly afterwards and crawled onto the balcony before falling out of it.

It is said that he landed on the metal window grille installed outside the apartment one level underneath his home.

Upon seeing the boy, the couple living downstairs tried to rescue him immediately. The husband rushed over to grab the boy’s arms while the wife called the police.

The accident occurred at late night on November 22 in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province. The child’s father had gone out to run an errand, leaving the boy sleeping at home alone

Footage released by the fire brigade shows the man clutching onto the crying child by the arms with all his might when firefighters arrive at the scene.

The rescuers tied a boy to the window grille with a harness to stop him from slipping down. At the same time, they used an electric metal cutter to remove the bars of the metal cage.

The firefighters and the husband, a former forest firefighter, teamed up to drag the boy into the flat.

It is believed that the boy was unhurt in the accident.


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