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Finnish TikTik cleaning guru cleans strangers’ grimy houses for free


A Finnish woman has become an internet sensation after filming TikTok videos of herself cleaning strangers’ homes for free.

Auri Kananen, 27, from Tampere, Finland, provides cleaning tips in her videos which show how to scrub, mop and wipe away the toughest grime marks found everyday  in homes. 

And no house is off limits to Auri, who even gave her ex-boyfriend’s home a clean while he was away holidaying with his new girlfriend.

The woman, whose satisfying videos include scrubbing a very grimy hob and tidying a cupboard, has declared herself to be the ‘best cleaner in the world’ and even cleaned up the house belonging to someone she had dated from Tinder. 

Auri Kananen, 27, from Tampere, Finland, (pictured) has amassed more than 1.8million followers on TikTok for sharing videos of her cleaning peoples’ houses

Auri also cleans strangers’ dirty houses for free because she loves cleaning so much she only sees it as a hobby

The service manager, who has 1.8million followers on TikTok, has always enjoyed transforming other peoples’ homes, especially those that haven’t been tidied properly for a few years. 

Auri explained that she won’t charge strangers to clean her house.

‘I do it for free for those who need it the most. I like to do voluntary work of many kinds and cleaning is one of them.

‘I’m only happy that I can use my talent to help other people.

‘I know that life isn’t always fair to everybody, so if I can help somebody, then why wouldn’t I do that.

‘I don’t think anything is too disgusting. Once someone had spread their faeces all over the toilet. 

In one of her videos, Auri tackles a grime-covered set of cooking hobs and manages to clean all the muck off (before left, after right)

This filthy coffee maker proved no problem for Auri who had it clean as a whistle again in no time

Auri says that she has had offers from people internationally to come and visit to clean their homes but because of the coronavirus pandemic she is unable to travel just yet

‘But I think that’s only sad that someone does things like that.’

She started her first cleaning job at the age of 14 and is now a part-owner of a company and sees cleaning homes as a hobby.

‘I have always cleaned for free for my relatives and friends.

‘Every Christmas I gave them a ‘gift card’ for home cleaning.

‘They know I’m crazy and they still love me. My dad always asks me what kind of mushrooms I’m eating – he wants to have the same kind.

As a 27th birthday gift to one of her friends, Auri tidied up his bedroom and reorganised his clothes, allowing him to be able to see the floor again

‘My relatives and friends have laughed at me many times, they know I like cleaning, but still they are surprised about the whole TikTok thing.

‘Before TikTok, they were slightly ashamed when I cleaned for free and felt guilty because of it but now people don’t feel indebtedness anymore because I film there.

‘So TikTok is a good excuse for my cleaning hobby, and I get to clean as many houses as I can.

Discussing how she choses which houses to clean, Auri added: ”First, I’ll ask them to send me some pics. Then I ask what their situation is, some background and then I ask if I can film there and if they say yes then I ask when I can come.

Another tough cleaning project was this oven, which Auri managed to clean until it sparkled

‘I have a cleaning calendar where I put all my cleaning appointments. On weekends, I clean bigger houses and Monday to Friday I clean smaller houses, such as apartments.

‘And then I just go there and start cleaning. It’s as simple as that!

‘I have booked four cleanings for next week.’

One clip shows Auri, wearing her signature pink Marigold gloves, in a kitchen with dirt so thickly encrusted she has to physically remove the grime with a scraper.

Another video shows her rearranging spice cupboards and cutlery drawers, while toilet rolls are carefully made into bows and towels placed on the bed after being transformed into swans.

She said: ‘I love to clean. The best satisfaction doesn’t come after. It comes while doing it.

‘I love hard stains and these houses often haven’t been deep-cleaned properly.

‘Many years worth of grease stains, I can’t even describe the feeling when I’m cleaning it.

‘In my own house, it is really boring to clean because there are no hard stains at all and it is just lovely to see the person’s face after I have cleaned their house.

‘When somebody is watching me clean and things get shiny, it’s really funny to look at their face.

It’s not just grime though, Auri even folded the end of a toilet roll in one of her videos to create a little bow tie

‘I think many people get satisfaction after they have cleaned.

‘I get it mostly before and during the cleaning, but not so much after it.

‘Because when it’s done, I don’t want to be there anymore; it becomes a boring place for me.’

Auri is inundated with pleas from people from across the globe who long for her to work her magic on their homes.

She said: ‘People ask if I could come and clean their houses in India, Philippines, USA, and so on.

‘At the moment, I can’t, but I hope that someday I could.

‘People like makeovers and they enjoy seeing things get clean.

‘It doesn’t matter where you come from. It’s not about your skin colour or who you are: almost everybody likes clean things.

‘My dream is that I could clean all around the world for these people who need it the most. That would be so cool.’

Under a video of Auri transforming a kitchen that has garnered a staggering 46.9million views on TikTok, one person commented: ‘Not all hero’s wear capes. Some of them wear pink cleaning gloves.’

Someone else added’ ‘No hate, but I don’t care if I stay living in the hood for the rest of my life I ain’t never letting my house get this dirty. Best believe it’s clean inside.’

Another person commented: ‘I love that you just see the joy in cleaning with no judgement at all; it’s the best match.’

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