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Former dental assistant earns $30,000 A WEEK on OnlyFans


A former dental assistant has revealed how she turned down the money-grabbing ‘leeches’ of the porn industry to make a fortune on her own terms.

Calista Melissa Mingst, 40, from Dallas, Texas, regularly shares sexy snaps and videos to her 473,000 Instagram followers and dedicated fans on the adults-only subscription platform OnlyFans.

On the latter, she makes a staggering $30,000 per week – a far cry from the $20,000 a year she earned working in dentistry.

Money maker: Formal dental assistant Calista Melissa Mingst has revealed she rakes in a whopping $30,000 a week by sharing sexy content on subscription-only site OnlyFans

Transformation: The 40-year-old wants to prove that women can be sexy at any age

Overnight success: Calista launched her OnlyFans account just a few months before the coronavirus pandemic hit the US, and it has quickly grown in followers

Going her own way: In 2007, Calista tried her hand at modeling and porn, moving to Los Angeles in order to try and break into the industry 

Calista is also defying ageists by proving that you can rake in the cash from showing off your body no matter how old you are – and she credits her active sex life for keeping her looking youthful.

No thanks: Calista soon realized that porn stars do not earn nearly as much money as many people think 

‘I read an Iggy Pop interview awhile back,’ she told Jam Press. ‘He was asked how he kept looking so young – he said he ate a lot of red meat and f***ed a lot.

‘Well, I am vegan so I guess it’s the other thing!’

Calista first considered swapping her dental career for a new path in 2007, when she moved to Los Angeles to try her hand at professional modeling and porn.

She invented her own persona: Mistress Malice – but soon realized that the companies were taking most of the money.

She said: ‘I participated in the Miss Horrorfest contest in 2007 and won as my character “Mistress Malice”.

‘The title included a one-year contract working in a promotional capacity for the adult movie company After Dark in LA.

‘I worked the promotional and convention circuit and ran a YouTube channel for Mistress Malice. They used one of my photos for their “8 Films to Die For” box set that year.

Way back when: Calista’s first job was as a dental assistant – for which she was paid just $20,000 a year 

Moving on: After moving to LA, Calista created an alter ego for her work in the adult entertainment industry, “Mistress Malice” (pictured)

Impressive! Calista quickly found success, even winning a competition in 2007 with the aggressive character 

Big time: ‘The title included a one-year contract working in a promotional capacity for the adult movie company After Dark,’ said Calista, who appeared on video covers and in magazines

Leaving it behind: Calista realized that she wasn’t making enough money – once earning just $1,400 to perform a ‘not-remotely-tasteful sex scene’, so she quit industry 

‘I performed a not-remotely-tasteful sex scene in The Butterfly Effect 3 during this time, which only paid $1,400.

‘I decided I’d had enough of the incessant attempted pimping from my manager and I could see the arc of my career in LA taking shape, and it was not something I was interested in.

‘I had interest from all the flagship porn companies, even an invite to the Playboy Mansion.

‘But I “nope-d” right out of LA, moved back to Dallas and resumed handing things to dentists for $20,000 per year.’

During lockdown, Calista, who also ran a gym with her husband which permanently shut due to the pandemic, decided to try her hand at OnlyFans as a way to supplement her income – and pay for plastic surgery.

She said: ‘I started my OnlyFans a few months prior to the coronavirus landing in the US.

‘Primarily because I wanted to finance getting my boobs done and jump-starting that process. 

Refusal: The social media star turned down future porn opportunities, and even said no to an invitation to the Playboy mansion 

Alternative: Calista moved back to Dallas, Texas, and returned to her work as a dental assistant – before discovering OnlyFans

Goals: ‘I started my OnlyFans a few months prior to coronavirus landing in the US,’ she said. ‘Primarily because I wanted to finance getting my boobs done and jump-starting that process’

Success! Now, Calista is in complete control of the content she creates – and she earns all of the money that her fans pay to see it 

‘It rapidly grew to become our primary income stream where I make more in a month than I would make in six months or more any other time in my life. Quite simply, I’m doing far better without the leeches.’ 

Calista’s OnlyFans fame hasn’t been without its strange moments, however – and she admits that she gets her fair share of bizarre requests from followers. 

‘I get some pretty funny requests sometimes,’ she said. ‘The most recent was to cover myself in all of the ice cream sundae fixings and do things with bananas that would make them fail food safety guidelines.

‘I also never knew there was such an interest in fart videos.

‘I have also had quite a few marriage proposals and ‘I will fly you to X country, there will be other people there, I’m totally not a sex trafficker!’ guys.

‘I hope to have a good relationship with fans – lockdown has been a thing for everyone.

‘I receive lots of pictures sent from guys whose hair and beards nowadays look like are stationed at the northern wall in Westeros.’

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