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Genevieve magazine publisher, Betty Irabor relieves miscarriage experience

Betty Irabor
In the wake of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle relieving her miscarriage experience, lifestyle magazine publisher, Betty Irabor is also relieving her own miscarriage experience.

Betty Irabor who is the founder of Genevieve magazine, took to social media to recount how she battled the trauma that came with the miscarriage, describing it as “bloody”, while also explaining how it left her unsettled with several thoughts running through her mind.

“I have had a miscarriage and a near miscarriage and the experience is bloody nasty. You blame yourself for what you could or should have done differently. The guilt consumes you,” she wrote.

Using herself as a reference, she, however, enjoined others who have had similar experience to put the attendant guilt and sad memories behind them since it wasn’t their own doing.
“Truth is, It’s not your fault. You didn’t bring it upon urself. Try and set yourself free from the guilt so you can begin to heal,” she added.

The development comes about two months after she revealed that she fought depression for eights years which resulted in loss of weight at the time.
“When I was battling depression and lost weight, many thought I was on a death diet & hounded me till I was ashamed to go out. A News Daily called me Anorexic. I got labelled “Snobbish” cos I lost every ability to socialize….Hmm Things are never what they seem. Let’s be guided.”

In 2018, the mother of two published a book, Dust to Dew where she chronicled her experience with depression, how she was able to seek help and overcome it.

In 2019, the 63 year old revealed that she once attempted suicide. At that time, she said, “I attempted suicide, I was sick and in pain. There was a volcano somewhere inside of me that needed to erupt and suicide seemed like an option to avoid the eruption.”

“Don’t trivialize anyone’s pain just because it’s not physical and you cannot see it,” she advised anyone who may want to mock people who are in emotional pain.

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