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Heartwarming moment fishermen save exhausted monkey from drowning and give it a ride on their oar

  • They spotted the tired howler monkey  in Tres Vendas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil  
  • They helped the monkey by using an oar and left it near a tree branch
  • Howler monkeys are endangered species of Central and South America

By Aliki Kraterou For Mailonline

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This is the adorable moment a group of fishermen spotted an exhausted monkey swimming in a river and rescued it by giving it a ride on their oar. 

The footage was filmed from the fishing boat on a river in Tres Vendas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.  

In the video the men spot the howler monkey swimming in the distance and realise it is tired. 

As they approach it, they reach out an oar and the monkey clings hold of it with its hands.  

It rides along, lifting its upper torso above the oar as it legs are pulled through the water. 

After a short ride, the fishermen leave it near a branch which it clambers onto before being filmed disappearing into the trees. 

The man who filmed the video said: ‘I and a group of friends went camping and fishing. 

The fishermen spotted the tired monkey in Tres Vendas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

They decided they wanted to help it so they gave it a ride by using an oar

After a short ride, they left the howler monkey near a tree branch so that it clambered onto

‘We were almost leaving and in one last boat ride along the river, we saw the monkey swimming in the river, showing signs of fatigue. 

‘We drove the boat to the point where the animal swam and extended the oar to the animal, which soon clung to not drown.  

‘The monkey species is a ”bugio” and it’s an endangered species.’   

 ‘Bugio’ howler monkeys

  • Howler monkeys  are critically endangered species, native to tropical Central and South America. 
  • The howler monkey genus ‘Alouatta’ include 15 species and 7 subspecies.
  • They have been named after their cries that can be heard miles away.   
  • They can live up to 15 to 20 years 



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