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How TriciaBiz went from a dream to training 120,000 people


Tricia Ikponmwonba is recognized as one of Nigeria’s leading business coaches and often referred to as the business fixer. She stumbled on a report on small businesses in Nigeria and that was the game-changer.

The report opened her eyes to the number of small businesses in Nigeria and the challenges they encounter. Prior to starting TriciaBiz, she had gained ten years of experience building multinational brands and with that knowledge, she was confident she could help small businesses grow.

To translate her success in working with multinationals to small businesses, she launched TriciaBiz in 2017. The focus for her is to boost the competitiveness of small businesses and she does this through a range of business services which includes one-on-one coaching, online courses, and training.

‘TriciaBiz primarily lives on Instagram’ she said. Instagram had been her only sales channel for a long time. Upon launching in 2017, she decided to pick one social media platform and make the best of it, that platform for her is Instagram. Tricia went on to learn how to market, partner, network, and give out content on Instagram.

‘For two years, the whole of 2017 and 2018, except I was dying, I was on Instagram live every Wednesday by 7 pm’ Tricia said, she added ‘I was teaching for one hour on Instagram live free of charge’. That she said was a deliberate move in building her audience, and with over one hundred and eighty Instagram followers, that strategy sure worked.

Since 2017 to date, TriciaBiz has trained over 120,000 people and most of them have been online. Social media has played a major role in the success of the online classes she runs. Using Facebook and Instagram tools, Tricia teaches students in groups in order to help them master a particular business skill.

TriciaBiz also looked into Facebook advertising with the intent to get attract more audience outside the Nigerian borders. The outcome for her has been phenomenal, ‘I got people who had never heard about me in different countries, not Nigerians, sign up for my course’ she stated. Tricia is quite excited about the fact that Facebook advertising took her brand to the next level and she continues to employ every tool available from the social media giant to enhance her business.

Being consistent on Facebook and Instagram, understanding how it works, and not being scared to try new features have helped the TriciaBiz brand grow in no time. She encourages every entrepreneur to leverage on online media platforms especially Facebook because of the unique tools it provides in helping and enhancing the growth of small and medium enterprises.

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