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Instagram account gathers pictures of ‘ugly’ houses full of BOLD carpets and wallpapers 


Decorating disasters! Hilarious Instagram snaps reveal houses with VERY questionable interiors – from a vibrant pink bathroom to decapitated statues

  • People have been sharing ugliest houses they’ve found in Ireland on Instagram 
  • The snaps show dwellings full of questionable wallpaper and carpet choices 
  • One bathroom decorated with knickers and sink shaped like woman’s legs 

By Claire Toureille For Mailonline

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s difficult to believe these homes would suit the tastes of any potential buyer.

The properties have all been featured by Instagram account Ugly Irish Houses, which documents truly bizarre interior design choices. Some of the best pictures were gathered in a gallery by Bored Panda.

Among the strangest designs is a bathroom wrapped in a vibrant forest mural, complete with pink leaves and a creek below. Another snap shows a questionable bathroom with knickers taped to the wall and a sink shaped like a woman’s legs.

In another, a family have decorated their gym with a disco-inspired wallpaper and neon lights. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the most eyebrow-raising examples… 

People have shared pictures on an Instagram account dedicated to ugly houses in Ireland. Pictured: a bathroom with a very interesting choice of wallpaper 

We’re not sure what the pattern on this room’s floor is meant to look like, but it is definitely a statement 

This family decided to put a large vase sculpture as well as a statues shaped like a grandmother in their living-room 

A bizarre choice of sink, shaped like women’s legs, can be seen in this bathrooom,  alongside knickers taped to the walls 

This family’s kitchen backsplash was adorned with large pictures of coffee cups, grounds and grinder 

The old-timey mirrors and frames in this bathroom are rivaled by the statement choice of floral wallpaper

Between the floral carpeted floor and the stoned walls, we don’t know where to look in this sitting-room

This bathroom’s blue bathtub, toilet and bidet look out of place next to the beige tiled floor and walls 

The owners of this house must be very punctual thanks to the clock design on their sitting-room’s wallpaper 

One person opted for this disco-inspired wallpaper to decorate their home gym, along with a tile-style linoleum 

Knock on wood! This family favoured a rustic style in their lounge area, but put in a white kitchen  

The blue carpet’s colour is pretty by itself, but the layout of the room shows bold choices, such as putting a raspberry red sofa in the corner of the stairs 

Seeing red! The owners of this house committed to the red theme in their kitchen, down to the impressive curtains on the right 

This bathroom is spacious, but the magenta colour is out of place with the steps leading to the bathub and walls 


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