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Ivanka Trump’s children play with White House turkey at pardoning ceremony


Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s children made sure the White House turkey was given plenty of extra attention at the annual pardoning ceremony this year, taking time to play with and pet the big bird before it was officially spared by President Donald Trump

The family of five were dressed to the nines for the traditional event – which they skipped last year – where they took front row seats, watching on as Trump pardoned the chosen bird in front of a limited and socially-distanced crowd. 

But social distance went out of the window when it came to Cob the turkey, with both Arabella, nine, and her younger brother Theodore, four, getting up close and personal with their new feathered friend – under the very watchful eye of a Secret Service agent, who stood alongside the kids as they stroked the large bird. 

Family affair: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner brought all three of their children to the annual turkey pardoning ceremony at the White House on Tuesday afternoon 

Playtime! Their eldest Arabella, nine, and youngest child Theodore, four, were seen playing with the chosen turkey – Cob – ahead of the official pardon 

New pet? Ivanka, 39, and Jared, 39, watched on happily as two of their kids said hello to Cob, with seven-year-old son Joseph choosing to hang back with them while his siblings played

Feathered friend: Both Arabella and Theo seemed perfectly at ease with the bird, which arrived in Washington, D.C. from Iowa on Monday night ahead of the annual event 

Greetings! Joseph (seen bottom) had the chance to say hello to Cob as the family made their way out onto the White House lawn

But while Arabella and Theo seemed thrilled to get the chance to spend time with Cob at the event, their brother Joseph, seven, was more hesitant, choosing instead to sit back with his parents while his siblings played with the Iowan bird on the White House lawn. 

Joseph, who took the chance to say hello to Cob when the family first arrived at the event, was seen perched on his dad’s lap, watching on as his brother and sister hung out with the turkey – before they too joined their parents in the front row, where they watched as their grandfather made his annual pardoning speech. 

Having skipped the event last year, when they are understood to have spent time with 39-year-old Jared’s family for the holiday, the family pulled out all the stops for this year’s turkey pardoning, which may well be their last given that President-Elect Joe Biden will likely be responsible for next year’s pardon. 

Ivanka, 39, put on a very chic show in a white pantsuit, which featured a form-fitting long-sleeved shirt and a pair of wide-legged trousers. She completed her look with a sparkling brooch and a blue floral face mask, ensuring that she followed CDC recommendations in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

The rest of her family followed suit, adding face coverings to their ensembles, and in many cases ensuring that the protective gear perfectly matched their choice of outfit. 

Jared chose a navy design to match his navy overcoat and suit, while his sons both looked incredibly dapper in matching blue duffel coats and pale blue ties.  

Watch out! Theo appeared delighted with his new playmate, and was seen running around happily with the bird before joining his family in their front-row seats 

Cuddles: Joseph sat in Jared’s lap holding his hands, while Theo was perched on Ivanka’s knees during the ceremony

Affection: Ivanka was seen playfully adjusting her younger son’s face mask, before brushing his short hair into place 

Arabella meanwhile was dressed to the nines in a sweet navy coat with red trim, which she wore over a coordinating red dress. 

Ivanka looked thrilled to be enjoying the day with her children, and was seen cuddling her youngest, Theo, who sat happily in his mother’s lap during the ceremony. 

At one point she was pictured leaning over and playfully adjusting her son’s face mask, before leaning over to hold hands with Arabella, who was seated alongside her mother in a socially-distanced chair.   

Joseph meanwhile sat happily in his dad’s lap, holding his hands as they watched President Trump and First Lady Melania up on stage performing the official pardon. 

Before last year, the ceremony had been a regular part of Ivanka and Jared’s Thanksgiving celebrations with their children – and the kids were often seen playing with the chosen bird before it was given its pardon. 

However in 2019, the family is understood to have spent the holiday with Jared’s family, skipping both the turkey pardoning ceremony, and the Trumps’ traditional Thanksgiving fun at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. 

Arrival: The three Trump-Kushner children wore navy outfits, coordinating with their dad’s suit, while Ivanka looked chic in a white pantsuit

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