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Joe Biden stays silent over proposed meeting with BLM founder


Joe Biden is staying silent over a meeting with Black Lives Matter almost two weeks after one of the movement’s founders asked for a sit-down.

Patrisse Cullors said Biden has yet to respond to her request for a meeting to discuss BLM’s ‘expectataions’ after an election that she said was ‘won by Black people’.

Cullors said she wants Biden to quickly pass the BREATHE Act, which would defund police services in reinvest the money in community services.

Elsewhere, BLM has begun pressuring California governor Gavin Newsom to appoint another black woman to replace Kamala Harris, who will vacate her senate seat in January when she become Vice President.

Patrisse Cullors, one of the founding members of Black Lives Matter, says the Biden transition team has not responded to a request for a meeting she sent after the election

Cullors says she wants to discuss ‘expectations’ with the Biden camp, inlcuding a plan to pass a bill defunding police services within the first 100 days 

The group has started a petition calling for either Karen Bass or Barbara Lee to be appointed in Harris’s stead, guaranteeing a black woman will remain in the senate until at least 2022, when Harris’s current term expires.

‘Appointing a Black woman to this seat is nonnegotiable – this must be done,’ the peititon says.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Cullors – a filmmaker and founder of BLM alongside Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi – revealed that Biden had not yet responded to her open letter asking for a sit-down.

When Fox News reached out to the Biden camp to ask about the meeting on Thursday, the same day the interview was published, nobody responded. has also reached out for comment. 

Cullors said: ‘I really hope my first fight with this administration isn’t whether they will meet with us. 

‘We know that the Black Lives Matter Global Network and all the Black-led organizations around the country really helped win this election and we hope that they sit down with the leadership that was dedicated to getting them in office. 

‘Black Lives Matter will be there to hold the Biden-Harris administration accountable and work with this administration to dismantle a system that for too long hasn’t worked for the Black community.’

BLM has also started a petition to have a black woman fill Kamala Harris’s vacant senate seat, with Karen Bass (left) one of their preferred candidates. Alex Padilla (right) is widely seen as frontrunner and would become the first Hispanic to hold the role

Harris is due to vacate her California senate seat in January, with Governor Gavin Newsom having sole power to appoint a replacement, who will serve until 2022

Disucssing her hopes for the Biden White House, Cullors said she hopes the BREATHE Act will be passed within the first 100 days.

The act aims to ‘divest resource from policing’, ‘invest in community safety’, ‘allocate new money for equitable communities’ and ‘enhance the self-determination of black communities’, according to its website.  

‘We have a real opportunity to change lives with the first piece of federal legislation written by and directly for our community,’ Cullors said.

It comes after she sent a letter to the Biden team on November 7 requesting a meeting ‘to discuss the expectations that we have for your administration and the commitments that must be made to Black people’.

‘Without the resounding support of Black people, we would be saddled with a very different electoral outcome. In short, Black people won this election,’ she wrote.

‘We want something for our vote.’

In California, several groups are fiercly lobbying over who should take Harris’s seat when she vacates it, leading Governor Newsom to joke that he’s heard from almost everyone in the state at this point.

Newsom has sole power to choose the next senator, who will remain in post until 2022 when Harris would have been up for reelection.

Cullors requested a meeting with Biden’s transition team after declaring in an open letter that ‘Black people won this election’ (file imge, celebrations in Washington DC after the vote)

The open letter that Cullors sent to the Biden team requesting a meeting before the new administration is sworn into office 

Bass and Lee are among names being discussed, with Newsom saying he wants the process to be ‘inclusive [and] considerate of people’s points of view.’

But there are other candidates in the running who also have the backing of traditionally marginalised communities.

The political action committee Latino Victory Fund is backing Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who would be the state’s first Hispanic senator.

He is a Newsom confidant many see as a leading contender.

The Indian American Impact Fund, a political action committee, has endorsed Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna for the seat, the son of Indian immigrants who is a prominent member of the party’s progressive wing. 

Another contender is Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis, an ambassador to Hungary during the Obama administration who is a prolific fundraiser – meaning she would be well-placed to fight the 2022 election.

Newsom would also get to pick her replacment as leiutenant, giving him an opportunity to promote another figure and therefore please more people. 

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