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Local Fox news anchor, 56, is suspended over a Facebook post in which he wished Mitch McConnell died


A veteran Milwaukee newscaster was suspended this week over a Facebook post in which he suggested that Senator Mitch McConnell should have died instead of late ‘Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek. 

Ted Perry, a longtime anchor of the evening news on Fox6 in Wisconsin, was removed after complaints about a joke on his personal Facebook page in which he stated: ‘2020 takes Alex Trebek but leaves Mitch McConnell? Just end already.’

The post was later deleted and Perry has also since deleted his personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.   

Fox6 Milwaukee host Ted Perry, 56, was suspended this week over a Facebook post in which he suggested that Senator Mitch McConnell should have died instead of Alex Trebek

‘2020 takes Alex Trebek but leaves Mitch McConnell? Just end already,’ the now deleted Facebook post read. Pictured above, Alex Trebek, left, and Mitch McConnell, right

Perry has since deleted the post and deleted his personal Twitter and Facebook accounts

The 56-year-old apologized for the post but was removed as host of the 5pm and 10pm newscasts. It’s not known if, or when, he will return to the position or if he is on paid or unpaid leave. 

‘I made a statement on my personal Facebook page that was insensitive and does not reflect my journalist values and I was not speaking on behalf of my employer,’ Perry wrote on Facebook. 

‘I deeply apologize for my inappropriate and outrageous comments and have deleted them accordingly.’ 

Perry apologized for the remark but has been suspended for an unknown length of time

Perry has worked for the Fox affiliate WITI-TV for 27 years and his professional Facebook profile still remains active, although he has not posted since November 7 when he shared a video of Biden-Harris supporters celebrating.       

Despite his apology, some critics felt that the station should go one step further and fire Perry over the post.  

‘Fox 6’s Ted Perry bemoans that Mitch McConnell didn’t die but Alex Trebek did,’ wrote conservative talk show host Mark Belling. 

‘Probably a good idea. He needs to resign,’ stated a Twitter user named Frank, while another wrote: ‘Actions have consequences.’

Others claimed that if he had made the comment about a Democratic politician, he would be forced to resign, while some called  his words ‘shocking’.  

Some social media users believed that Perry should resign after the comments 

Others claimed that if he made the remark about a Democrat, he would be pushed to resign

‘He wished the Republican Senate Majority Leader was dead, in case anyone was wondering,’ tweeted conservative talk show host Dan O’Donnell of WISN-AM. 

O’Donnell also shared a post allegedly shared by Perry on his Facebook page in August 2015 in which he also joked about the death of conservative talk show host Glenn Beck. 

‘Dear Glen, Please go die. Thanks, Milwaukee,’ read the screen capture of the alleged post. 

‘Hi @Fox6TedPerry and @fox6now , do either of you have a comment on this Facebook post wishing death on conservative talk show host Glenn Beck?’ O’Donnell asked. 

‘You deleted it yesterday, but it seems relevant in light of this,’ he added, referencing the McConnell post scandal. 

‘Serious question, and one that speaks directly to your ability to anchor news in an unbiased way: Why should any conservative ever trust you if you seem to want the most prominent of us to die?’ 

Conservative talk show host Dan O’Donnell also shared another alleged post from Perry in 2015 in which he joked about the death of Glenn Beck and asked Fox for comment

Other rushed to Perry’s defense, highlighting the community work he has done and hitting out at his right-wing critics who they accused of spreading ‘disinformation’ about the election. 

Some Twitter users pushed back at the conservatives speakers blasting Perry, stating they should be focusing on the number of deaths in Wisconsin due to the coronavirus pandemic rather than a joke about McConnell. 

‘You’re more worried about a saucy joke than people really dying in Wisconsin and across the Midwest/USA as Republicans fight strong defense efforts,’ wrote Andy Olsen. 

‘That reflects a cavalier disregard for death and illness suffered by families – for a cheap shot.’  

James Wigderson, editor of the conservative website Right Wisconsin, said conservatives shouldn’t be in the business of ‘cancel culture’ and that he had seen others  joke about the death of 77-year-old president elect Joe Biden. 

‘So let’s save our collective social media outrage for something really important, like whether boneless wings are better than bone-in wings or if you can put ketchup on a hot dog,’ Wigderson concluded. 

Some fans rushed to Perry’s defense and said that the right-wing commentators criticizing him should instead be looking at the rising coronavirus cases in Wisconsin

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell assured all is well after speculation swirled over his health regarding discoloration and band-aids on his hands and bruising around his lips

Beloved game show host Trebek died in Sunday, aged 80, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He had hosted ‘Jeopardy’ for 37 years and had won six Emmys during the show’s lengthy run.    

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, 78, faced questions about his own health several weeks ago after he was pictured on Capitol Hill with bruised and bandaged hands and a swelling around his mouth. 

He offered no explanation for his bandaged hands but told reporters that his health was fine. 

McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, was reelected to his seat last week for his seventh term. 

During his time in office, he has picked up the nickname ‘The Grim Reaper’ due to his ability to kill off political initiatives brought forward by other politicians.  

McConnell has especially been the target of Democratic hits in recent weeks after pushing through the confirmation of conservative Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett before the presidential election and for failing to strike a deal on a further coronavirus stimulus bill. 

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