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Lyft passenger hurls racist abuse at driver and threatens to p*** in his car


Lyft passenger hurls racist abuse at driver and threatens to p*** in his car after he pulled over ‘when the man refused to put his mask back on’

  • Driver David Kangogo, 30, said the incident occurred in Issaquah, Washington
  • He says he pulled over when the rider refused to put his mask back on
  • The man then started verbally insulting him while the other passenger filmed
  • Due to the incident, the passenger has now been permanently banned from Lyft 

By Aliki Kraterou For Mailonline

Published: | Updated:

A passenger has been banned from using Lyft after hurling racist abuse towards a driver, when he was asked to ‘put his mask back on’. 

The rider was filmed calling the Lyft driver the N-word and threatening to ‘p*** in his car’ when the driver allegedly pulled over as the man wasn’t wearing a face covering.  

The footage, filmed by the driver in Issaquah, Washington on November 17, shows the two passengers, a man and a woman, pacing around his car while verbally insulting him.      

The man can be heard calling the driver a ‘sand n*****’ over and over before the woman takes out her phone and starts filming saying: ‘Joe stop, I’m videoing. Stop, stop. I’m videoing. You stop.’   

The Lyft driver, David Kangogo, 30, told Newsweek he picked up the couple and then noticed the man had taken off his mask. He asked him to put it back on. 

Mr Kangogo said: ‘He ignored me the first time, I repeated [it] and told him he’s putting me at risk and all the other passengers I pick up after him.’ 

According to Mr Kangogo it was then that the man started the racist abuse towards him. 

A passenger has been banned from using Lyft after hurling racist abuse towards a driver

The man was banned from Lyft after the incident in Issaquah, Washington, on November 17

‘So I just pulled over and got out of the car and told them I have canceled the ride, they can go ahead and get another drive,’ he added. 

The man started his racist tirade against the driver while the woman was filming.   

The man said: ‘You f***ing piece of s**t. You will never drive, you will never drive.’

The driver then asked them: ‘Are you happy now?’ to which the woman replied: ‘No, we expected a Lyft ride home, that’s what we expected.’

She added: ‘I got your license plate. You should never drive Lyft again.’ 

According to the driver the man insulted him when he asked him to wear a mask. His companion filmed him and said: ‘I got your license plate’

The man then threatens to ‘p***’ in the driver’s car and flings open the door. 

But he decides not to go ahead and adds: ‘Yeah I’m not, you stupid f***ing idiot’ before walking away from the vehicle. 

The driver then told them to ‘have a good night’ before getting into his vehicle.     

The video, which was shared on Twitter, has since gained over 331,000 views and hundreds of comments. 

One said: ‘So she’s recording her husband being a total racist…ok.’

After telling the driver he ‘should never drive Lyft again’, the pair took off

Another added: ‘Seems like she will have to heavily edit her video.’

Meanwhile, one wrote: ‘The level of privilege with these people is unbelievable. I hope @lyft bans these people. Ridiculous.’

Lyft has since issued a Twitter statement in response to the viral video: ‘There is no place for discrimination of any sort in the Lyft community, and this behaviour is unacceptable.

‘We have permanently removed the rider from the Lyft community and are in touch with the driver to offer our support.’ 


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