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Opinion: The Cap And The Owner

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As usual, I was in a queue to purchase a bag of onions at the Wuse market, Abuja.
I had been at the same spot for almost four hours because the queue wasn’t moving. Onion has now become gold in the market. You must be related to Dangote, Elumelu, or Emefiele to be able to afford it, well, that is if you see it on display in the market at all.
As I was saying, the guy behind me on the queue had a terrible character, just like that of frustrated Nigerians. He kept pestering me with questions that I had no clue about. He would peep into my phone whenever I tried to keep myself updated with happenings in the country.
Jumbo! He saw the picture of a green Lagosian’s cap on my phone and quickly jumped into a conversation with me. He asked, “Brother, I thought you are a Fulani man?”
I kept mute.
Not satisfied with my ‘siddon dey look’ answer to his question, he continued with the search for knowledge approach.
“Egbon, please do you know the office of the owner of that cap on your phone?” he asked again.
I said yes, it is after the Ministry of Justice building in Abuja.
He stepped closer to me and whispered into my ear, “Please I’m right behind you. But first, I want to go to the office of the owner of that cap and teach him a lesson. He has been spewing rubbish out of his highly infected mouth, he needs a brain reset.”
I maintained my ‘siddon dey look’ approach and refused to give a yes or a no. My new ‘strange’ friend left the queue.
About an hour later, he returned and came straight to me. He continued saying, “Egbon, this line is not moving at all, however, it’s better than the one in front of the owner of that Lagosian cap’s office.”
According to him, the people who were waiting in the queue to deal with the cap owner and his family after he left the office were more than those of us in the market. He said he didn’t think it will get to his turn before they tear him into pieces.
That is the perception of the general public about our politicians at the moment. Many people can’t wait to take their pound of flesh from government officials because of the agony and poor standard of living that these politicians, particularly the present, have subjected the average Nigerian to.
Yes, before you go to bed tonight, pray for our brothers and sisters in the North. It seems Nigeria is losing control of this once peaceful region to bandits. May Allah give them the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss of their loved ones and protect the rest left behind. Amen.
Wole Arisekola, the publisher of The Street Journal writes from Ibadan.

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