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Outrage as LUTH ejects nursing mothers to sleep in the open (VIDEO)

LUTH throws out nursing mother

The management of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) has been accused of allegedly ejecting nursing mothers whose newborns are being treated in the facility from their wards.

In a video that has since gone viral on social media, the mothers could be seen camping on the bare ground on the hospital’s walkway. A voice behind the video decried the inhumane treatment meted at the new mothers despite the fact that the hospital was been paid for services rendered.

One of the new mothers who noted that LUTH threw them out without notification spoke to Vanguard anonymously saying, “Mothers of newborn babies with medical issues that need to be rectified are required to stay very close to their babies. Due to the fact that some of these mothers are coming from a far place, they need to sleep somewhere pending the time their babies will be okay.

“This morning at LUTH without any notice, these mothers were thrown out of where they use to sleep without any notice. As of yesterday, they were still collecting money from us. No notice was given to mothers that they should stop payment for where they are sleeping, we just woke up today and we were evicted.

“Regrettably, in LUTH, no adequate arrangement for mothers with newborn babies. Don’t forget that these women just gave birth, some of them through Caesarean section. They have nowhere to stay. Then the ridiculous accommodation that has been provided is suddenly taken without notice, where will they go if it rains over the night? Will they sleep in the rain?”

Despite the evidence that the new mothers were subjected to harsh conditions, the management said the allegations were baseless and that they were only protecting them from contracting COVID-19 as they planned to rearrange the wards for COVID-19 patients.

“There is a hospice in LUTH where people who do not have a place to stay can stay. We are in the process of preparing a place for our COVID-19 patients who will move into the place and we cannot allow people who do not have COVID- 19 to be exposed to that. This was explained to them you can call the CMAC to ask him.

“This place call a hospice is within LUTH with beds and a toilet facility is there and that place is made for people who cannot go home. She cannot say we are not taking care of their babies. We don’t want them to catch COVID-19,” the CMD, Prof. Chris Bode, said.

Also denying the allegation, the Chairman Medical Advisory Committee (CMAC), Professor Wasiu Adeyemo, said, “The complaint that the condition of that place was not good, are they not the ones littering the place?” Adeyemo told Vanguard.

“Six mothers have written to us as regards the relocation and we assured them that we are going to resolve it so I don’t know why they are still making a fake video. The part they recorded was not that of nursing mothers but patients’ relatives. We are not running a hotel, we cannot create a Ward for the patient and still create another ward for relations. The people sleeping on the floor are relatives that are not needed in the hospital,” he added.

 Watch the video below:

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