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People share wholesome moments they shared with their parents in adorable gallery


Are these the best parents ever?People reveal heartwarming gestures from mothers and fathers that prove their unconditional love

  • People from US and Australia have shared wholesome things parents did for kids
  • One mother dressed up as man so that son could attend dad-son event at school
  • A dad sent mango overnight to his daughter after she forgot them at home

By Claire Toureille For Mailonline

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Parents make lots of huge sacrifices for their children but sometimes it’s the little gestures that remind us that there’s someone out there who loves you unconditionally.  

To prove the point, Bored Panda has collected a series of heartwarming photos and social media posts from around the world that prove, showing some of the most adorable things parents have done to make their children happy or reassure them. 

In one sweet picture, it was revealed a single mother from the US dressed as a man so that her son could attend a ‘Donuts With Dad’ event at school and not feel left out. 

In another, a student from Austin, Texas, revealed how his father wrote a tie he had made for him aged four at his high school graduation.

And one woman was delighted to receive a giant iced cookie from her father with the message ‘You’re still my number 1’ while going through a break-up.  

People have shared  wholesome interactions between parents and their children. A US-based single mother dressed up as a man so that her son could still attend a ‘Donuts With Dad’ event at his school

A California-based woman revealed her father sent her a giant iced cookie to comfort her after she was broken up with

One woman revealed her mother wrote her an adorable pep talk after she admitted she was depressed 

A US-based woman revealed how her dad surprised her on her first birthday away from home and reduced her to tears 

A wholesome mother from the US wrote supportive notes to her daughter everyday, which she put in her packed lunch 

A man from Austin, Texas, revealed how his father wore a tie that he had made for him when he was four to his high school graduation 

A student based in California recounted how her dad mailed her slices of mango overnight after she forgot them at home 

A man from the US revealed how his parents recreated a Blockbuster store at home because his autistic brother was upset the chain had closed 

A woman from Minneapolis revealed how her mother sang ‘You Are My Sunshine’ on the phone to her after she had had a hard week 

A US-based woman revealed how her father, who used to peel her oranges for her, gave her upneeled oranges and a wiki how on how to peel them on her last day of high school 

A US-based  student shared the touching story of how her grandfather made it possible for her to graduate high school in spite of being at risk of deportation 

An Australian man shared these wholesome pictures of a dad dressing up with his daughter to go to the movies 

A woman from Boston revealed a father on a plane passed candy around so that his daugther could go trick or treating during the flight

A woman from Iowa shared some funny advice her father gave her so she would believe in herself 

A father believed to be from the US recounted how he let his teenage daughter give him a makeover just so he could see her smile 


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