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TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are SLAMMED for being ‘rude’ to their personal chef


Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are facing fierce backlash for their appalling table manners and rude treatment of their personal chef after they made faces and gagging noises as they ate a meal he had prepared — with one of them even dramatically running outside to throw up. 

In the debut video for their new Dinner with the D’Amelios series that is being featured on their recently launched family YouTube channel, the TikTok stars sat down with their parents, Marc and Heidi, and their first mystery guest, YouTube star and beauty influencer James Charles.  

The episode has been trending on YouTube since it was shared on Monday, but many people were less than impressed with what they saw. Critics have been taking to the comments to call out Charli, 16, and Dixie, 19, for their behavior, with many insisting James, 21, was the only one with manners at the table. 

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Bad news: The D’Amelio sisters are facing backlash for being ‘rude’ to their personal chef Aaron May after they made faces and gagging noises while eating the paella he prepared 

Grossed out: They were both appalled to learn there were snails in the traditional paella they were served, prompting 19-year-old Dixie (pictured) to make gagging noises in disgust

The meal was prepared by chef Aaron May, who prepared a traditional paella as well as a vegan version for Heidi. While Marc was introducing Aaron, Charli made faces and sarcastically clapped her hands. She also made faces as he described the meal he was serving them. 

However, Dixie’s behavior was even more appalling, despite her being the older sister. James was obliviously chatting away when she picked a piece of food off of her plate and made faces as she pulled it apart. Dixie then sniffed what was in her hand and mimed gagging. 

‘What is that?’ she mouthed, prompting a confused James to ask what everyone else was laughing at. 

‘What is this?’ Dixie repeated, holding up the piece of food in her hand.  

‘It’s mushroom,’ her dad said, but she wouldn’t let it go. 

Table manners: Dixie picked apart the snail with her fingers before making a show of eating it

Seriously? As soon as she bit into the snail, she turned over and started to gag at the table 

‘No, it’s not! That’s a snail,’ she insisted. 

The chef confirmed that it actually was a snail and Dixie threw her head back in disgust while her sister’s draw dropped. He laughed as she made gagging noises but noted that it’s actually a classic paella ingredient.

Charli put her hand over her mouth as if she were going to vomit while he explained that snails bring ‘good luck and good fortune’ if you eat one. 

Dixie then made a big show of eating the snail, as her mom turned away in disgust, sarcastically saying, ‘Mmm, yummy,’ before immediately turning to the side of the table and gagging. 

Her parents chided her for being dramatic and Heidi yelled at her to excuse herself from the table. 

Insult: Dixie then ran outside to throw up while their chef asked if she was being serious 

No shame: Dixie admitted she had thrown up while cleaning herself up outside 

‘Eww!’ Their dinner guest, influencer James Charles, was appalled by Dixie’s behavior 

‘Is she being real or is she being dramatic?’ Aaron asked. 

Dixie then ran outside to throw up, which James, unfortunately, witnessed. 

‘Oh, she actually threw up,’ he said, understandably appalled. ‘Eww!’

In the middle of this, Charli rudely asked out loud: ‘Do we have any Dino nuggets?’ 

Dixie cleaned herself up and came back to eat as if nothing had happened — she even reached for a second helping of paella. 

She explained that the snail tasted like ‘chicken’ and was good at first, but there was a salty part that made ‘everything come up.’ She insisted the chef should have known better. 

Not funny: Dixie’s younger sister Charli (pictured) was also accused of being a ‘brat’ during the dinner. She made faces and sarcastically clapped when her father introduced their chef 

Slightly more restrained: The 16-year-old also looked a bit ll when she found out there were snail in the dish

Spoiled? While eating, Charli rudely asked out loud: ‘Do we have any Dino nuggets?’

‘You have a child — like, what did you think is gonna happen?’ she asked him. ‘Do I have bad luck now? I feel like I need to eat another.’

While Dixie’s vomiting was undoubtedly the most uncomfortable part of the evening, her table manners were also less than desirable. She stuck her fingers in the dessert bowl everyone was eating from and flicked food at her mom.    

The video has been viewed 6.5 million times and earned more than 25,000 comments, though many of them were negative. 

‘This is just sad,’ one critic wrote. ‘It’s a shame nobody taught these girls manners and an even bigger shame we gave them such a big platform.’ 

Playing: Dixie flicked food at her mother while waiting for dessert to be served

Umm… While Dixie’s vomiting was undoubtedly the most uncomfortable part of the evening, her table manners were also less than desirable. She even stuck her fingers in the dessert bowl

‘Bruh they seem spoiled as hell,’ someone else noted. ‘They’re acting like little brats. The poor chef.’ 

‘My mom would’ve slapped me if I acted like that [at] the dinner table,’ another insisted, with many agreeing with him.  

‘I’ve never had a problem with the D’Amelios but their behavior was just disgusting,’ one critic shared. ‘I feel so bad for the chef. They acted so bratty, like… there are people who are struggling to feed their families.’

A number of people pointed out that James was doing a better job of scolding the girls for their bad behavior than their parents were.  

‘James was literally the only mature one here,’ one person wrote. ‘The fact that HE was the one scolding them and not [their] own parents, says a lot.’

‘It’s sad that James was checking them instead of their own parents,’ someone else agreed, while another added: ‘The only person I see that has manners is James Charles. Not even the parents…’

Slammed: The video has been viewed 6.5 million times, but many people were disgusted by their behavior and called them ‘brats,’ among other things

‘I’ve been telling y’all that this family is fake and their true colors are gonna be shown.’ one YouTuber user insisted. 

Charli, who is a competitive dancer reigns supreme as TikTok’s most-popular star with more than 99.5 million followers. 

The teen from Norwalk, Connecticut, posted her first TikTok in June 2019 and had a number of videos go viral thanks to her dances featuring choreography, montages, and lip-syncs.  

And it’s not just Charli who has earned celebrity status on the app; the rest of her family boast millions of followers of their own. 

Charli’s older sister Dixie has 43.9 million, while their parents Marc and Heidi have 8.3 million and 6.7 million, respectively. 

This has led to some lucrative sponsorships for Charli and Dixie, who have partnered with Hollister and makeup brand Morphe over the past year. 

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