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Uganda: We Shall Remove This Govt By Voting or Not – Besigye


Kampala, Uganda — Dr. Col. Kiiza Besigye, the Former President of Forum for Democratic Change-FDC has rallied Ugandans to rise up against the current regime that he says has committed a number of atrocities that need to be corrected by a new regime.

Besigye says Ugandans must wake up to liberate this country from the “ruthless, dictatorial and corrupt leadership”.

Besigye who was addressing a rally organized by Patrick Amuriat Oboi, the FDC presidential candidate at Duhaga roundabout in Hoima West division Hoima municipality on Thursday says either by voting or not, he is ready to mobilize Ugandans to do away with the current regime that he says has taken this county in agony.

Besigye says he is building a strong front for change, adding that it is the responsibility of Ugandans to make sure Museveni leaves, whether he wants it or not.

According to Besigye, the last 35 years that President Museveni has been leading Uganda, the country has only seen decline in the health, education, road network, power supply and an increase in poverty, dwindling economy and unemployment among others which he says need to be immediately corrected by voting him out of power.

He says Museveni cannot allow to hand over peacefully, but adds this is the time his regime should end, rallying other opposition leaders and Ugandans across the country to join him in the struggle to liberate the country.

Dr. Besigye had a quadruple presence on the previous presidential ballot.

In each appearance, he had garnered on average over two million votes and went as high as at 3.5 million in 2016 but at each occasion, he contested the outcome either in court or on the street.

Amuriat on his side rallied the people of Bunyoro to denounce the NRM government that he says has totally failed to run the affairs of this country.

He says President Museveni who says he is a liberator has turned to be a dictator and therefore it is the duty of Ugandans to vote him out of power.

Amuriat says the recent crackdown on innocent Ugandans is a clear sign the country is slowly sinking into anarchy and becoming a lawless state.

He says Museveni will nonetheless go down in the books of history as a freedom fighter who betrayed his people, and a leader who knew what needed to be done but still chose to do the opposite.


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