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Vogue removes feature on couple’s Martha’s Vineyard wedding where 10 of 35 guests got COVID


Vogue has removed a feature on a couple’s Martha’s Vineyard wedding after it was blamed by locals for causing a ‘surge’ in cases because ten people from the event tested positive for COVID-19. 

Chelsea Keyes, a 28-year-old who works in beauty PR, and 30-year-old Evan McDuffie, an analyst at an investment bank, married at Lamberts Cove Inn & Restaurant on October 12.  

The couple live in Brooklyn, New York, but traveled to Martha’s Vineyard with their friends and family for the event for the weekend because it’s where they met and it had always been ‘special’ to them. 

The wedding had 35 guests, and it was held outdoors, which was in keeping with local laws. Legally, the couple was allowed to have up to 100 people outdoors. They held both the ceremony and dinner outside. 

But many guests had traveled from out of state and it’s unclear if they observed the mandatory two-week quarantine that Massachusetts has imposed on out-of-state visitors, or if they all returned negative COVID-19 tests first.

Chelsea Keyes, a 28-year-old who works in beauty PR, and 30-year-old Evan McDuffie, an analyst at an investment bank, married at Lamberts Cove Inn & Restaurant on October 12. They are shown with their wedding planner

On Monday, Vogue published a gushing feature in the couple’s wedding, unaware that ten cases of COVID-19 had been tied to it

The article has now been removed. Vogue said it was an ‘editorial decision’ after finding out about the COVID cases

After the wedding, seven people on the island including five staff from the venue tested positive. 

Three others who had left also tested positive. Since then, there has been as surge of more than 100 cases on the small Massachusetts island.

On October 29, Tisbury officials blamed the event for the spread. They did not name McDuffie or Keyes, but said the event should serve as a cautionary tale. 

Three days ago, seemingly unaware that it was this wedding that was to blame, Vogue published a feature on the wedding. 

Titled ‘This outdoor wedding on Martha’s Vineyard was all fall elegance’, the feature included dozens of photographs of the couple, their groomsmen and bridesmaids, their friends and their family. 

On Wednesday, the article was removed from Vogue’s website after an angry resident emailed Anna Wintour to tell her it was what caused the spike. 

According to The Vineyard Gazette, the resident emailed a letter to Wintour on Tuesday night telling her she was ‘irresponsible’ for running the story.

The newspaper did not name the resident. 

A spokeswoman for Vogue defended the decision, saying they ‘ensured that appropriate measures were being taken to prevent the spread of Covid at the event’ but that they made an ‘editorial decision’ after learning that people had tested positive from it. 

Both the couple’s ceremony and the dinner were held outdoors on the grounds of Lamberts Cove Inn and Restaurant

The couple shared videos of the event on Instagram. Above, their long, outdoor dining table with heaters

The couple live in Brooklyn  but had their wedding on Martha’s Vineyard- which has a year round population of just 17,000 – because it’s where they met and has always been special to them

The wedding venue said they followed all the local laws and guidelines

The grounds of the wedding venue are pictured 

The wedding venue also said it stood by local laws and rules.

‘As a family-owned inn, restaurant and event venue, we have gone above and beyond to follow CDC and state guidelines regarding Covid-related safety measures.

‘For example, we have consistently adhered to size limits for events and ensured our staff follow mask and social distancing requirements. 

‘We have also informed all our guests of mask wearing and out-of-state travel requirements and enforced these to the extent possible. 

‘The health and safety of our staff and guests are our top priority.

‘The intimate outdoors wedding featured in the Vogue article consisted of an extended family group that was sharing living quarters off property as a ‘bubble’ of contacts. 

‘As mentioned in the article, they followed CDC guidance and provided masks to their guests at the ceremony entrance. It is our understanding that they only removed masks while eating and taking wedding photos for their Vogue article, and this only occurred outdoors,’ they said. 

The couple has not responded to’s inquiries and they have not made any public statement about the wedding. 

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