AIi Baba, AY, Taaooma kick against jokes on sexual violence (Video)


Some comedians and Instagram skit makers have come together to kick against comedy videos or jokes bordering on sexual and gender based violence. Some of these comedians include Ali Baba, Mr Macaroni and Taaooma.

Others who joined the campaign are Maraji, Lasisi Elenu, Josh2Funny, Broda Shaggi, Lasisi Elenu, Frank Donga, Maraji, Real Warri Pikin, Emma Oh My God, MC Lively, Kenny Blaq, Josh2funny, Seyi Law and Ayo Makun.

In a now-viral video, the entertainers argued that such practice normalises rape culture in the society. They also noted that it was about time some entertainers ditch their beliefs that making jokes about rape do not mean they are endorsing it.

According to the entertainers, such jokes do not only reawaken the ugly experiences among survivors but also discourage those affected from speaking out about the scourge for fear of being mocked.

“Some say ‘telling a rape joke doesn’t mean l condone sexual violence.’ Really? ‘Common, it’s just a way to get people to laugh. It’s a joke. If it’s so bad, why did everyone laugh?’” they said.

“These excuses are no longer acceptable. One in three women have experienced some form of sexual and gender-based violence which means when you joke about rape, one out of every three women in your audience is negatively affected.

“So basically, bought tickets to relive their worst nightmare, adding to their pains and undermining their suffering, normalising rape culture and perpetuating this violence, making it harder for survivors to speak out, especially when audiences laugh.

“We have contributed to this culture. But now, we must be part of the solution. Jokes that justify or normalise sexual violence are unacceptable. Call it out! We have to stop turning survivors of sexual and gender based violence into collateral damage, just for laughs, because rape is not a joke.”


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