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Donald Trump Loses Social Media Followers After Election Defeat


Donald Trump Loses Social Media Followers After Election Defeat

Donald Trump has been losing Twitter followers since he lost the presidential election to Joe Biden with more than hundreds of thousands of accounts abandoning his profile since November 17.

According to Factbase, a website dedicated to tracking Trump’s public utterances, the president has lost 133,902 followers since 17 November while the president-elect has gained 1,156,610.

In a Sunday tweet, the CNN host and media reporter Brian Stelter said that while Twitter followers were “surely not the most important metric in the world”, it was “still worth noting: for the first time since 2015, Trump is consistently losing followers”.

Andrew Lazar, who is spearheading the UnfollowThePres project, in a report told Newsweek that:

By January, he will no longer be relevant to our national conversation. His Twitter account, however, still gives him enormous influence. He’s using that influence to continue to divide our country. I mean, the guy can’t concede a loss and wants to broadcast false fraud claims to his adherents. It’s dangerous. Since Twitter is just putting up some meaningless flags, I say we as the Twitter community have the power and obligation to turn down his volume and we should do so. Remove his amplification and you help dial down the power of his rhetoric.

Also, a Twitter spokesperson said:

Twitter’s approach to world leaders, candidates, and public officials is based on the principle that people should be able to choose to see what their leaders are saying with clear context. This means that we may apply warnings and labels, and limit engagement to certain tweets.

Trump is a very active user of Twitter, hence, losing his followers would matter to him.


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