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EtiquettewithEti: Frequently asked questions you should never ask


Questions like “Are you pregnant” are not just nosey, but are insensitive, disrespectful and classless.

It’s quite natural to be inquisitive, but there’s a thin line between being inquisitive, and being nosey.

Beyond being nosey, some questions are insensitive, disrespectful and classless.

In relating with people, we have to be mindful of the fact that, while some people are very comfortable with sharing personal information even with total strangers, others could find a question as common and innocent as “where are you from?” as intrusive.

Have you ever experienced a situation where someone who initially seemed excited about meeting you very quickly loses interest and returns to being a stranger? Think about it for a moment, it could have been a “simple” question you asked which created an uncomfortably awkward situation.

The following are questions you should never ask anyone you’re not intimate with.

Have you put on weight? – Body weight is always a touchy subject. Avoid it!

When are you getting married? – Like really? Does anyone really have an answer for this question?

What is your religion? – Faith issues are private. It’s easy to figure out if a person is religious or not when having a conversation with them without outrightly asking.

Why are you so skinny? – This is simply disrespectful.

How much money do you make Or earn? – This is nosey and classless.

Are you going to eat all that food? – This question can simply make a person loose their appetite. Respect the appetite of others.

Why don’t you have a job? – I have an answer for this question “…because you haven’t given me one” how about that?

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Why are you still single? – Oh no! Make me double please.

Why don’t you have children? – Really? This question is actually very insensitive.

Are you pregnant? This is a dumb question! Don’t be dumb!

What do you do with your money? – It’s alright to tell a person you’re unable to help them with a money problem, but it’s inappropriate to ask them what they spend their money on.

When are you getting married? – Just imagine a person asked you “when are you getting buried?”

Why aren’t you as beautiful as your parent? – How about a response as “why aren’t you as smart as your mates?”

How much did you buy…? – Please ask Google!

The savage responses are just for laugh. We’re not savages, so, let’s keep it classy always. Smile it off, the person asking does not know better.

Are they other rude questions you get asked? Please share in the comment section.

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