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Lady Sues Boyfriend For Failing To Marry Her After Eight Years

A lady in Zambia has sued her boyfriend for wasting her time for eight years and ending their relationship without marrying her.

Gertrude Ngoma, 26, had dated Herbert Salaliki, 28, for eight years but he had failed to follow through on his promise to marry her.

Sick and tired of waiting for Herbert to propose, Gertrude had taken him to a court in Zambia to demand he outlined his plans for the future.

According to Zambia’s media publisher, Mwebantu, Gertrude who lives with her parents has a child with Herbert. 

Gertrude told the court she feels that her boyfriend is not serious about their relationship, Herbert had reportedly paid the dowry payment but he has not proposed yet.

“He has never been serious, that is why I brought him to court because I deserve to know the way forward and our future, said Gertrude.

The reason behind the delay, according to Herbert is that he does not have the financial security to pay for a wedding at the moment.

In his defence, Herbert also claimed that Gertrude has not been a doting girlfriend and blamed Gertrude for not giving him the attention he needs.

Gertrude also revealed she doubts Herbert’s loyalty and wonders if he may be talking to another woman.

The judge presiding the case advised both that reconciliation was the best outcome going forward because there was no evidence of any marriage yet and settling out of court would be more beneficial.



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