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Recession: Grant amnesty to looters, economic saboteurs, Cleric advises FG


He said that the recession that hit the country had negatively affected economic and social lives, and must be tackled in a more drastic manner for things to normalise quickly.

The clergy said, “The Lord spoke to me and said I should tell the government of Nigeria that if they want this country to live well again, they should give amnesty to every Nigerian looter, economic saboteurs who stashed money abroad.

“I don’t know if amnesty is the right word, but many of our rich men have taken our money abroad; you can’t keep money and expect things to work; money should flow and go round. I live abroad for over 30 years now and I know that the western world knows how to invest our money and make it work for them.

“I know that politicians who have taken our money away are afraid that if they bring it back, government will go after them. But if the government allows them to bring it home and tell them that they won’t be prosecuted provided they invest it in Nigeria to create employment, then things will be better.

“This is one of the things the Lord told me and if this money is in the country, whatever that is happening now like insecurity and hunger will not happen because there will be enough money in circulation,” Odumma said.

Odumma also insist that government must enforce strict laws that prohibits anyone from stashing money to foreign countries, and also be ready to implement the laws no matter who is affected, Daily Independent reports.


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