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The menace of Fulani herdsmen: How they rape, maim and extort through kidnapping (Videos/pictures)

Fulani Herdsmen

Since the administration of president Muhammadu Buhari came on board in 2015, Fulani herdsmen have become emboldened with their nefarious acts of going on rampage, destroying, raping and killing people in many states.

Unfortunately, not much has been done to put a stop to this.

While the president has chosen to look the other way, the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria sometimes called MACBAN, a loose partisan advocacy group centered on promoting the welfare of Fulani pastoralists in Nigeria, have all but given green light on the criminal activities of the hersdmen.

Due to this precarious situation, there has been a burning question as to whether or not the menace of the Fulani herdsmen can be classified as terrorism.

Unfortunately, religious, tribal sentiments and government lip service to the fight against terrorism have prevented the prosecution of Fulani herdsmen engaged in obvious acts of terrorism.

More importantly, their activities have become a threat to the economic, political and social security of a nation and a major factor associated with underdevelopment; because it discourages both local and foreign investments, reduces the quality of life, destroys human and social capital, damages relationship between citizens and the states, thus undermining democracy, rule of law and the ability of the country to promote development.

When people feel insecure, the appetite to invest reduces. Which is why all over the world, any country that promotes an environment of insecurity naturally repels investment initiatives from both the international community and its own local investors.

It is the hope that president Muhammadu Buhari will muzzle up the courage to treat the menace of Fulani herdsmen as acts of terrorism and that open grazing should be criminalized.

A former captive of Fulani herdsmen with burnt feet
after a ransom of N7m had been collected from him


About Fulani herdsmen take turns to rape a
helpless woman on a farmland in broad day light.

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