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US Election: Joe Biden Secures Majority Votes From Electoral College


California certified its presidential election on Friday, 4 December, when 55 electors pledged to vote for President-elect Biden officially handing him the electoral college majority needed to win the white house, NBC News reports.

Secretary of state Alex Padilla’s formal approval of Biden’s win in the state brought his tally of pledged electors to 279, according to a tally from the associated Press.

These steps in the election are often ignored formalities but the hidden mechanics of electing a U.S president have drawn new scrutiny this year as President Trump continues to deny Biden’s victory and pursues increasingly specious legal strategies aimed at overturning the results before they are finalized.

The electors named Friday will meet on Monday, December 14, along with counterparts in each state to formally vote for the next president.

Results of the electoral college vote are due to be received and typically approved by congress on January 6, although lawmakers can object to accepting the elector’s votes, it would be almost impossible for Biden to be blocked at that point.

The democratic-controlled house and republican-controlled senate would both vote separately to resolve any disputes as one already arose from Pennsylvania, where 75 republican lawmakers signed a statement on Friday urging congress to block the state’s electoral votes from being cast for Biden, but the state’s republican U.S senator, Pat Toomey, said soon after that he would not be objecting to Pennsylvania’s slate of electors, underscoring the difficulty in trying to change the election results through congress.

Donald Trump and his allies have brought at least 50 legal cases trying to overturn the results in the swing states Biden won mainly Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, more than 30 have been rejected or dropped.


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