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100 motorcycles impounded for plying restricted routes in Lagos

motorcycles impounded

Following the restriction of motorcycles to only some parts of the states, the Lagos State Task Force on the Environment and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit recently impounded 100 motorcycles for flouting the orders.

According to reports, the motorcycles, whose riders plied the Navy Town, 2nd Rainbow and Festac Town areas of the state, were impounded for defying repeated warnings issued by the state government.

Shola Jejeloye, the Chairman of the agency, stated that the enforcement was carried out to halt the abuse of traffic laws by motorcyclists in the state.

Mr Jejeloye said:

“The discouraging high statistics of motorcycle accidents and the compelling need to enhance safety on Lagos roads led to the promulgation of the Lagos State Transport Sector Reformed Law, 2018.

“Apart from criminals using these motorcycles as a means to escape after criminal activities, the influx into the state of these illegal motorcyclists without any traceable address and valid means of identification remains a huge security and safety threat to residents.

“In accordance with the law, every motorcycle operators must wear crash helmets; be above 18 years; not ride on kerb/median/road setbacks; avoid restricted routes; not carry more than one passenger, pregnant women, an adult with baby or child below 12 years; not install any musical gadgets; must wear an apron; not operate beyond 10 pm; operate with a rider’s permit and have their motorcycles registered with the government.”

Mr Jejeloye moved to charge residents of the state to provide useful information about criminal activities by using the Lagos State free emergency toll lines 112 and 767.


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