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Aisha Yesufu blows hot, says hypocrisy killing Northern Nigeria

Aisha Yesufu

Oba Darasimi

Activist, Aisha Yesufu has said religious hypocrisy is largely responsible for the stunted development in Northern Nigeria.

Although Yesufu is from Edo State, she was born and brought up in the Kano State and the activist believes many people in Northern Nigeria hide behind religion to perpetrate social disorder.

Aisha Yesufu, a Muslim, who expressed this strong view via her Twitter handle, was reacting to the backlash she received after she showed support for homosexuals in her earlier tweets.

Yesufu’s views on gays attracted condemnation from people who believe she should not support them as such is ‘haram’. Majority of her attackers are from northern Nigeria.

Hinging her vituperation on a thread she named #BambiAlaMentality on Twitter, Yesufu slammed her attackers saying the hypocrisy they have demonstrated represents the prevailing situation in the North.

Aisha Yesufu is the co-convener of the #Bringbackourgirls movement insisted that homosexuality is rampant in the North but even the perpetrators are those who are in the forefront of the attacks on those who are courageous to come out of the closet.

She tweeted that, “You will finish abusing homosexual people on social media and cursing them out then behind closed doors you will be with your homosexual partner. Who are you fooling? It is not haram then?

“Your hypocrisy on steroids will not have you saying your State Governors should not collect any money gotten from alcohol but your hypocrisy will be supporting your State Govs destroying the businesses of those selling alcohol. Is money from alcohol not haram?

“You are here shouting haram. Biko who are you fooling with that sanctimonious attitude? Isn’t a father sleeping with his daughter haram? Isn’t a mother sleeping with her step son haram? Isn’t an old man putting a little girl inside babbanriga haram and molesting her haram?

“Or is it those pathetic old men that go to carry little boys in both Islamiya and boarding schools to molest not haram?”

Aisha Yesufu added: “Pathetic lots that hide under the toga of Islam to commit heinous acts. They will be talking Islam and they will be shouting as if they have the patent of Islam. If it is to talk morality they are number one but let it be about practice they are nowhere to be found.”

She stressed further that women have been at the receiving end of the social disorder in Northern Nigeria, saying that is why many of them have embraced drugs.

“Haven’t you wondered why the women in Northern Nigeria there do so much drugs? The pain and defilement and the atrocities they are forced to endure and what ‘a rufa asiri’ has forced them into is driving many crazy and they chose the haze over reality.”

She said instead of the youths in the region to cry out over the state of insecurity in their domain they have chosen to remain docile.

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