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Anambra based prophet, Onye Eze Jesus performs money ‘ritual’ for members of his congregation in a river (Videos)

Onye Eze Jesus

Until recently, when two videos of him performing what looked like a ritual procedure, went viral, not many knew who ‘Prophet’ Onyii Nwamama more popularly known as Onye Eze Jesus was.

Now his videos which has taken social media by storm is forcing many to dig deeper into who this Prophet Onye Eze Jesus is.

In his 50s, Onye Eze Jesus runs Children of Light Annointing Ministry in Anambra State.  Having taken his own ‘prophetic’ ministration to a whole new level, Onye Eze Jesus carries out very bizarre acts in the guise of providing spiritual fortification for members of his congregation.

One of such acts is taking members of his congregation to a river, asking them to strip naked regardless of the fact that the congregation members are usually a mix of both genders and then he proceeds to ‘pray’ for them while they take their bath.

In one of the viral videos, he is seen performing this act for his clients who lined up naked in a river with their backs turned to him. He then tells them to take their bath but never look back at him, while he sprays them with wads of N50 notes.

His prayer for them is that they will come into money. See video below

In another video, he repeats the same procedure, spraying members of his congregation, N50 notes while ‘praying’ that they will come into money.

In addition to leading members of his congregation to the river for this money prayers/rituals, Onye Eze Jesus who is married with five children, is a lover of strange looking sculptures and statuses which adorn the grounds of the vicinity where he supposedly prays.

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