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Buhari’s administration, disappointing – Ex INEC chairman, Jega


A former chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Attahiru Jega has described the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari as very disappointing.

Jega who served as Nigeria’s electoral umpire from 2010 to 2015, following his appointment by former President Goodluck Jonathan, said the current administration has performed below the expectations of so many Nigerians.

Jega, who was once a vice-chancellor of Bayero University, Kano, said although Buhari enjoys goodwill from many Nigerians, has however disappointed many as citizens are worried about the direction the country is taking.

“He (Buhari) has disappointed so many people. He still has time to correct things if he has the capacity to do that. Frankly, his government has been very disappointing,” he was quoted to have said.

“Governance has been very poor at the federal level and many of the states, that is why we are seeing challenges everywhere; whether it is insurgency, banditry, armed robbery or other things.”

He said the accumulated misgivings by sections of the citizens led to frustrations, which find expression in these demands for restructuring.

The former INEC chairman, however, said the inability of the present administration to placate the various segments of the country was responsible for the growing uproar in the polity.

“We should define an agenda between now and 2023. What do we want to achieve in regard to restructuring? I will say that it is a priority to de-concentrate power and resources from the federal to the state government. This is achievable,” he told Daily Trust.

On the agitation for power shift in 2023, Jega said competence and merit should determine who takes over from President Buhari to accelerate the development of the country.

Jega remains the only INEC chairman that has presided over two general elections in Nigeria — in 2011 and 2015, when Jonathan lost to Buhari, making him the first incumbent president to lose re-election.


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