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Deeper Life School: Ex-Presidential spokesman, Omokri denies threatening mother of molested student


Former Presidential spokesman, Reno Omokri, has reacted to claims by Mrs Deborah Okezie, the mother of 11-year-old Don-Davis who was allegedly sexually molested at the Deeper Life High School Uyo, that he threatened her.

It would be recalled that Mrs. Okezie posted a video this morning alleging that Omokri called her and ordered her to issue an apology on selected Nigerian Newspapers for slandering the name of the Deeper Life Ministry.

She added that some staunch members of the Deeper Life Church also messaged her, wishing her son death.

“Somebody sent a message to me and asked me ‘how was the burial of your son? You are fighting a church definitely, you will bury your son.’

“Then Mr Reno Omokri called me to go and apologize on newspapers and television. I don’t understand. What am I apologizing for?” Mrs Okezie asked in the video.

Omokri, in reaction to the allegation, said he will pay Mrs Okezie the N100 million she is requesting from the school if she can prove that he contacted her and threatened her.

Omokri said, “This morning I woke up and got a video that Don-Davis’ mother alleged that I had threatened her life and asked her to apologize to Deeper Life in a newspaper advert. I have never done anything like that. It’s not true. I am not a member of Deeper Life. Why would I do that?

“Three weeks ago, when she accused Pastor Kumuyi that if anything happens to her, Nigerians should hold him responsible, I did come out in defence of Pastor Kumuyi because although I’m not a member of Deeper Life, he is somebody that had an influence on my life since when I was young and now I’m almost 50.

“This #justice for Don-Davis was begun by Yul Edochie. I called Yul and we had a very long conversation. Now recall that this woman is suing Deeper Life for N100m. I have told Yul Edochie that N100m is no problem for me. I will transfer N100m to Yul Edochie today if Don-Davis’ mother can prove by evidence that I threatened or asked her to apologize in newspapers or contacted her anyway.”

Omokri, while clapping his hands, said nothing of that nature happened.

Don-Davis was alleged to have been sexually molested between October and December inside the school dormitory by the two senior students when he was switched from his dormitory to another occupied by senior students.

“They will remove his boxer and push their legs and hands into his anus. Look at a child I sent to school, he came back with a broken anus,” the victim’s mother, Deborah Archibong, had said when she broke her silence in a video that she posted on Facebook.

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