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FBI investigating reports of woman stealing laptop from speaker Pelosi’s office to sell to Russia


The FBI is investigating evidence that a woman who entered the Capitol on January 6 stole a laptop or hard drive from speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office and intended to sell it to Russians.

The bizarre claim, which the FBI emphasized remains under investigation, was included in an affidavit describing the criminal case against Riley June Williams, 22, a Pennsylvania woman who was seen in footage of the January 6 insurrection in area of the Capitol near Pelosi’s office.

It’s not clear if the FBI has been able to apprehend her, it appears that Williams has fled and deleted her social media accounts. According to the affidavit, which was signed Sunday, 17 January, and posted publicly after 9 pm.

According to local law enforcement officers in Harrisburg, Williams mother stated that Williams packed a bag and left her home and told her mother she would be gone for a couple of weeks, she did not provide her mother with any information about her intended destination.

According to the affidavit, a witness who spoke to authorities claimed to have seen a video of Williams taking a laptop computer or hard drive from speaker Pelosi’s office. The witness stated that Williams intended to send the computer device to a friend in Russia, who then planned to sell the device to SVR, Russia’s foreign intelligence service.

“This matter remains under investigation, authorities said.

For now, Williams is facing charges of entering a restricted building and disorderly conduct for her actions inside the Capitol.

The agent handling Williams’ case also spoke to law enforcement officials in Harrisburg who had recently interacted with Williams’ parents. Williams’ mother on January 11 filed suspicious persons report against the person the FBI has identified as Witness 1, that witness is described as a former romantic partner of the suspect.

While local officers were present, Williams’ mother called her via video, and officers saw her wearing a brown jacket that matched the one she was seen wearing in images from the riots. Harrisburg officers also spoke with Williams’ father, who said he drove with her to Washington for the protests but that they split up for the day while she joined other friends.

The pair drove home from Washington after meeting outside the Capitol.

More than 125 people have been arrested so far on charges related to the violent insurrection led by Trump supporters at the Capitol. Charges range from curfew violations to serious federal felonies related to theft and weapons possession.

In total five people were killed during the siege, including one US Capitol Police officer who was struck in the head with a fire extinguisher.

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies continue to search for the identities of several other individuals who were photographed rioting in the Capitol.

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