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FG panics as Nigeria ranks 10th in Africa’s Covid19 deaths

Covid19 deaths

Oba Darasimi

The second wave of coronavirus has become intense across Africa and Nigeria has been ranked 10th in the table of the number of covid19 deaths recorded on the continent in 2021 so far.

In a statistics obtained by The Street Journal on Statisense, Nigeria which is 10th on the table has recorded 66 covid19 deaths in 12 days of 2021 already, a development that has forced the Federal Government to press the panic button.

As at January 11, South Africa who is number one on the rankings has recorded 4, 217 deaths while the virus has claimed 564 deaths in Egypt  to place the North African country in second position.

Other North African countries of Tunisia and Morocco are third and fourth with 560 and 352 deaths respectively.

150 persons have died from COVID19 in Zimbabwe who is fifth on the table while Libya has recorded 99 deaths to place sixth.

Swaziland is seventh with 86 deaths while Ethiopia occupies eighth position having recorded 79 deaths. Zambia with 77 deaths is ninth on the rankings.

A total of 101,331 COVID19 cases have now been confirmed across the country and the Federal Government is now worried about the growing number of  cases.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) said that Nigeria is reaching a critical level where hospitals can no longer cope with more serious COVID19 cases.

In a tweet on Monday, the NCDC Director-General, Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu, said health workers would be forced to make tough decisions, calling for the protection of vulnerable citizens amid the rising cases of the virus.

“We are reaching a critical level where our hospital capacity will no longer be able to cope with more serious COVID19 cases and health workers will be forced to make tough decisions. We need to protect our more vulnerable citizens,” he tweeted.

“We all have to take responsibility. This is not for the NCDC, the PTF or government alone. By organising large gatherings indoors, you’re not only putting yourself and guests at risk but also the staff who have limited choice but to serve. By going to clubs, you’re putting your parents at risk.”

COVID19 NEW DEATHS IN JAN 2021 (11 days)

#1 South Africa: 4,217

#2 Egypt: 564

#3 Tunisia: 560

# Morocco: 352

#5 Zimbabwe: 150

#6 Libya: 99

#7 Swaziland: 86

#8 Ethiopia: 79

#9  Zambia: 77

#10 Nigeria: 66

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