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‘I am not scared’ – Sunday Igboho reacts to reports to get him arrested


Businessman and activist, Sunday Adeyemo more popularly known as Igboho, has said that he is not scared of the police arresting him over the eviction notice he gave to the Fulanis in Oyo state.

In an interview with BBC Yoruba, Igboho said he is not scared of getting arrested because all he is doing is for the interest of his people, the Yorubas. He said he is not scared and that all he is doing is for the interest of his people, the Yorubas.

According to him, the kings in Yorubaland are in support of his actions but are scared to speaking up against the activities of Fulanis for fear of being deposed by the government.

He alleged that the Fulanis sometime ago killed one Dr Fatai who worked abroad for many years and returned with so much money to set up a farm and employed so many people.

Igboho said the Fulanis went to the farm and destroyed it and that when the medical doctor went to the Seriki Fulanis to complain, he was tied and killed. Igboho said this has been the experience of so many people and that he cannot continue to keep quiet.

He said a King’s son has been kidnapped before by the Fulanis and they released him after the King paid the ransom they demanded. He said if care is not taken, one day a king will be kidnapped by the Fulanis and would be asked to pay ransom for his release in his own land.

He alleged that he went to meet the Fulanis to tell them that if they cannot find a solution to the kidnappings and criminality carried out by their people they should leave. He said during his meeting, he was attacked with a gun.

“I collected the gun from one of them. Another one pulled a cutlass while another one pulled a gun and fired. If you watch the video properly, he shot the gun at me before I collected the gun from them.

“I told them I did not come to fight and that even if I came to fight, they wouldn’t be able to withstand me. I told them that if they cannot find a solution to the killings of my people, it is better for them to leave.

“All these things do not have anything to do with religion, I just want Yorubas to be at peace. For the past four days now they have been threatening me with arrest, I am not scared.

“All the Obas that were there were happy and said that the suffering is enough, they do not want Fulanis anymore. That the killings is enough and that it is their subjects that are been killing.

“These Fulanis kidnapped a king’s son and collected N4 million ransom before they released him. If care is not taken, the Fulanis will kidnap a king and ask his subjects to come and pay ransom. We Yorubas are still sleeping and keeping quiet,” Sunday Igboho concluded.

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