Iganna LG Chairman narrates bitter experience with abductors, reveals they were Fulanis


Following the tension that gripped Oyo State in recent days, the Chairman of Iganna Local Government Development Council, Hon Olayiwola Adeleke has recalled his bitter experience in the hands of Fulani kidnappers when he was abducted around Ibarapa.

In an interview with Nigerian News Direct, the LG chairman said he was made to sleep on the floor for six days and six nights before a sum of N5.5m was paid for his freedom.

The Street Journal had in October 2020, reported that he and his driver were abducted on their way to Ibadan to attend an important meeting with Governor Seyi Makinde.

The Iganna LG Chairman said:

“It happened on October 25th, 2020 on Sunday around 4.30pm. I was traveling to Ibadan in preparation for the monthly meeting with the Executive Governor of the state, Engr. Seyi Makinde, I decided to leave on Sunday so as to pass the night in Ibadan to avoid getting late and attend the meeting early.

“When we got to Gboga,  on the way to Awaye, all of a sudden, we heard gunshots and before we could make our way out of the vehicle, these people came out of the bush with guns and knives in their hands and commanded us to open the door and started slapping me and my driver.

“They beat us mercilessly, shooting guns to scare away people, they took us out of the car, walked us into the bush and that was how we were with them for  six days before the ransom was paid.”

Continuing, the Chairman said, “They were eight in number, very young boys and they are Fulanis, they spoke Fulani language and one of them was speaking Yoruba language but not fluently, as well as English but they were all Fulanis.

“The experience I had with them was bitter. The night they took us in, they took us to a mountain and we stayed there for the night and on Monday morning they moved us again to the inner part of the bush and when we got there around 5pm, they asked us to lie down.

“Obviously, they have been using the place for kidnapping activities because it is a well prepared place for victims and around 7pm, I was given my phone to make calls and contact families, friends. They wanted to collect 200m.

“Before that time, they already collected our phones, ID card, my bag where I kept some documents with some money I intended to use to pay school fees for one of my children in Ibadan. They ransacked the bag.

“We laid down all through as they didn’t allow us to sit down. After making calls, they collected the phone back and started beating me and my driver again.

“They told me they know my identity and they have gotten information from my area and they have been monitoring me for a like a week and we never know the insider that gave them information.”

The LG Chairman, apparently, is not the only one that has suffered gravely in the hands of Fulani herdsmen.

A resident said the herdsmen and their cattle invaded his farm and when he protested, he was shot in the leg.

Other inhabitant of Asenlera called for the total eviction of Fulanis as they live in constant fear and can no longer work on their farmlands.

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